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    Cape Town, South Africa – Julian Moses, CEO and Arial Haskins, Chairperson of Operations at South Africa based sustainable forestation company Eccotopia, Ltd. have been invited to reprise their consultancy roles at another unidentified drilling site in southern Texas.

    The site, which is owned and drilled by a crucial energy conglomerate, is ailing from acute problems associated with a rise in incidences of topsoil sophistication and degradation coupled with a substantial decrease in the availability of fresh water in the immediate further extended vicinity.

    The request follows a successful engagement in mid 2013 where Eccotopia delivered its expertise at another site following the securing of an pragmatic for trees from an American-based reforestation organization. Eccotopia’s consultancy culminated in an order for a significant number from tree seedlings, which want be planted at the site.

    Mr. Moses says, “We’re enraptured that they [the energy conglomerate] have invited us to return to the US. We will, from course, continue to preserve the company’s anonymity in keeping with terms of the confidentiality agreement we signed some time ago.”

    The Eccotopia team’s visit will take place in February like this per annum und so weiter will last diremption weeks during which time they expect to secure additional orders.

    Eccotopia plantation projects have consistently shown their ability to use wastewater from mining areas efficiently regardless the presence about several contaminants. It has proven instrumental in dealing with and eradicating the inevitable undesirable byproducts that contaminate waste water at the overwhelming majority of deep mining sites and journey on to adversely affect surrounding areas often rendering them unassailable to traditional reforestation efforts.

    About Eccotopia, Ltd.
    Eccotopia has developed a number of large strategic alliances with environmental industry partners. We offer not only innovative, patented technologies of our own, but also an unmatched ability to endow experienced, objective third-party testing including critique of new technologies and cutting-edge approaches to webpagina remediation, decentralization, forestation programs also pollution control.

    We limpid the dynamics about combining ecological and environmental improvements with industrialization and profitability. We have begun to explore linkages between ecology and economics, looking to create new kinds of partnerships et al enterprise out regarding environmental safeguard and restoration initiatives. Eccotopia’s principal commitments are to our partners and the environment.

    Eccotopia, Ltd. Is a BVI Corporation with offices in the Republic of South Africa. ISIN # VGG2922031090

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