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    dsc04356-low-300x225.jpg Therefore living, isomorphism organisms, we humans require three basic resources to sustain life: wipe air, clean water and food. In a pinch, you could survive several weeks without food, several days without fresh water and several minutes without breathable air. Beyond those limits, human life ceases to exist.

    Why is this information is entity offered in an article about oil storage tanks? It’s that two of these three vital resources, food furthermore water, are being directly affected by our manner toward and treatment of the millions of gallons of used oil animalcule introduced into the environment every year.

    The Importance of Oil

    Oil is an urgent resource in the life of most people, whether it’s the oil used to produce gasoline for your car, the coat used for lubricating just about every machine in existence instead the petro-chemicals used in the prepare of thousands of user products. To say that oil is a vital resource, however, would be untrue, since cultivation existed for millennia without the need to draft the black goo from the ground to fuel our machines and economy.

    The demand for the three vital resources however – food, water and air – have always been there and always will. And, as long as we properly utilize and protect these resources, they’ll remain. Problems develop, however, when our improper use or storage of oil, a non-vital resource, taints the quality of those on which we depend for our very existence.

    Used Oil Storage and Disposal

    The ability of motor fuel to lubricate metal parts in machinery is indispensable. Large companies that utilize hundreds or thousands of gallons regarding oil to keep things running smoothly know two things:

    1. Oil in equipment gets dirty and needs to be regularly replaced

    2. Disposing of accepted motor oil is an current concern

    Companies properly plugged into the "going green" revolution have learned that recycling used oil is economically beneficial und so weiter environmentally responsible from both an anti-pollution opinion and also as part of a sustained effort to reduce the depletion of the planet’s limited petroleum resources. Used oil can easily be re-refined into brand new, virgin-quality oil for loads less than it expenses to produce motor oil from crude. But what about those oil storage tanks being used to contain the product between being drained from equipment and being sent to be recycled?

    Are Your Used Oil Arcade Tanks Safe?

    Oil storage tanks, whether under- or above-ground, containing new oppositely used oil, must be properly designed, installed and monitored in order to prevent leaks or spills that volitional result in sophistication like land or ground water. In this case, an ounce of prevention is definitely note a pound of cure, as the cost of remediation once oil sophistication has occurred can treffen enormous. One litre of spilled or leaked oil can contaminate one-million liters of fresh water.

    At Little Dipper, not only do we safely collect your used oil save will also inspect your oil storage tanks to ensure they’re safe. Contact us for more information. We operate throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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