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    3aAnti_slip_52.gif Slippery floors are a high risk area often overlooked or ignored. In the domestic people often wait until the first accident or scare to do something thetical to remedy the problem. Unfortunately the first incident container voltooien a severe one, leading to long term physical issues. In the some case with the elderly, some much more serious, even life threatening complication can entrenched in as a result. Monash University studies hold shown that slip/fall risk increases dramatically with surface water contamination and elderly Australians are particularly at risk with a staggering 75% concerning fall fatalities aged 65 years besides over.

    There a varied different products to increase the SCOF (Surface Co-efficient of Friction) and reduce these risks but these can nvloeden bit down into 2 important categories.


    This solution generally creates micro channels in the stiff tile surface, which like a car tire allows water to be displaced from under foot allowing a much higher surface contact area and greater traction. This process tin be applied to most hard surfaces including ceramic, porcelain baths, natural and man-made stone including terrazzo and some granite. Providing the exterior is kept clean this type of modification legacy last for many years.


    This option seals off the surface with a urethane rather epoxy film which in its design has a slip unsusceptible finish. Often accepted on resilient surfaces such as vinyl or timber these products are classified as “maintenance” finishes requiring recoating at intervals dependent on the traffic and density. Additional anti-slip beads or grit can also nvloeden added to increase the SCOF to a very high flush for commercial applications or incline ramps.

    With part Adversary Slip Story Treatment, it remains critical that the surface nvloeden cared for properly in order to hold the effectiveness of the treatment. Mopping alone for instance will often dispose contaminants to the grout line alternative into the micro channels to then be re distributed clear the surface including the next clean. In commercial environments we always recommend the incur of a wet-vac to eliminate this cross contamination issue.

    In all people places OH&S calls for an organization to comply with their “Duty of Care” responsibilities, this will always include the care concerning safety net foot traffic surfaces. In Australia trained testing of these surfaces is naturally performed by an accredited organization using a British Pendulum test which will ration very accurate data which can be used in court during litigation if required.

    The Australian Standards for slip Resistance AS-4586 & 4663 set out the smallest requirements for any pedestrian surface, builders and architects must follow these standards in the design for pedestrian surface materials. The CSIRO handbook HB 197 is also used as a guide for existing surfaces.

    With vast experience in the domestic, commercial and Industrial sectors, Hostility Systems Australia can assess your site considering things like wear, river contamination, UV exposure, traffic types, exoteric access and liability. Based on this information our pro technician will then recommend the most appropriate Adversary Slip Floor Treatment for your environment.

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