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    BellitoNylons5a.jpg Stand up bags have altered the face about consumer product packaging, the stand up pouch perfect for an enlarge characterize or high quality print design. Stand up bags give retailers new opportunities to demonstration products and maximize shelf space and manufacturers reduce their packaging expenses by eliminating the “old style” bag-in-a-box method regarding packaging.
    In Stand up bags there are three types: Round nethermost stand up pouch, K-seal stand up pouch, Cultivate stand up pouch.

    The advantage of using laminate bags is its ability to stand up on a shelf for maximum sales impact through its packaging pouch design. Stand up bags (buste stand up) folds flat before filling. This implies great savings on contents and storage space in stand up pouches. It is an environmentally warmhearted product, using 75% less plastic. Products are protected by the various laminations, and therefore the printing inks are sandwiched at intervals the layers. It bags offer longer ledge life without refrigeration.

    In recentelijk years, stand up bags have become a hot favorite amongst hundreds of industries because of the flexibility, ease and low cost of these pouches. Stand Up bags are shopworn in a several industries including cosmetic, whey egg packaging, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical, coffee packaging, popcorn packaging, pesticides, diagnostics further many more like zipper bags and trail bags.

    Sealed plastic bags (buste di plastica sigillate) can be used in various ways equity like the regular artificial bags. These bags are used for storing almost entirety kinds of products, the foremost commonest being fed. As with regular plastic bags, sealed bags also undergo a series from tests to test for durability, leaks connective strength. As such, they are extremely sturdy, even quit regular disposable plastic bags. This is necessary because the sealed bags are reusable ampersand so must be able to endure wear and tear and allow for a number of uses.

    These types of bags are Sturdy & Secure, Easy to open and close, are Reusable, Easy to fill Prevents content from moisture & contamination; prevent possible leakage or loss, Waterproof.

    When you use sealed plastic bags the hygiene cocoon of food stored in it increases as it prevents even the slightest amount about contamination and keeps the food terribly safe. Though the extent of protection directly depends upon your choice of plastic. Sealed plastic bags are manufactured in a variety like sizes, shapes and variations to suit everybody’s requirements.

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