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    computer_recycle.jpg About recycling

    According to research,computers became outdated anytime from one to five years. Once the computers are outdated,consumers struggle with ways to properly dispose them. One of the best ways to sway the computers is alongside recycling them.

    Reasons for recycling

    Vancouver Computer recycling plays a critical role in protecting the environment. Subsequently recycling ensures that the electronics are properly disposed, this aids in ensuring that the environment is protected from contamination. The other importance of recycling is that it protects you. For example if you own a calculator that has risky chemicals such therefore dioxins, polychlorinated biphenys, cadmium, radioactive isotopes, mercury and chromium, you can be injured if the chemical leaks while the computer is still in your house. Through recycling, the computer is removed from your house long before the chemical can generate leaking thus you are protected from injuries.

    How recycling is organized

    In areas where people are serious about electronic recycling, recycling is usually a well organized affair and it’s handled professionally besides designated organizations such as electronic recycling association (ERA). Such an organization is the individual that is allowed to handle all the recycling in the area. To make it easy to recycle all the items in the area, the organizations supply bins to people and organizations. The organizations et sequens people are asked to put the electronics that need to be recycled in the supplied bins. The organization mandated to undertake recycling also sets collection points where all the collected electronics are assembled. The organization can have collection points such as Calgary computer recycling, Edmonton computer recycling, Vancouver computer recycling and Alberta computer recycling.

    Methods of recycling


    This mode is consumed when the computing device is in salutary shape and it can be reused. For example, most audit firms use their computers for only one year then they dispose them. In such a scenario, the computers can’t breathe destroyed. A good way to use the computers is to reuse them. An excellent way of re-using them is by giving them out to sub privileged people. For example, the audit firm can opt to donate the computers to schools.

    Asset Maximization

    Just endorse reuse, this form is used in devices that are still in good shape. The method is usually secondhand by firms that want to upgrade their electronics and later sell them at a profit. Here, organizations that want to sell their electronics generally collaborate with the Calgary calculator recycling. When you contact the recycling company, the company will collect your device, refurbish it, and descry buyers for you.


    Unlike the other two methods that involve use of computers that are in good working conditions, this method is used on computers that are usually in wretch shape and they can’t be repaired or sold. Most of the computers that are shredded are usually those that are very old or the ones with mechanical problems that can’t exist rectified. To shred the electronics, a shredding machine is used and the electronics are cut into minute pieces. The pieces are used in making other devices such as chairs.

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