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    batch_fluid_bed_dryer.gif FBD is the shortened version of Fluid Double Bed Dryer Bag. FBD Bag is often working in
    Medicine, food and chemical industries. FBD bags, especially in a confined space multi-tube filter bags are manufactured for optimum filtration area. FBD Bag now days, according to the materials involved in the drying regarding superior quality garments made is presented separately. FBD bags are made using premium quality raw material. FBD Bag, which is used in medicine labor is highly performance oriented. Because these are produced of using the latest sophisticated technology. Fabrication design of for FBD bag is available for total makes and model about fluid beg dryer systems. Now days a lot of standard products with most existing cap and skirt designs FBD bag are available in the market. FBD bag guaranties for easy set up and perfect fit with milk bed dryers on the principle of its high quality.
    FBD bag is adapted to the specific needs moreover wireless devices. All facile designs and measurements can be created for every requirement.
    FBD bagian has following parts-
    1-Tubes – (Without stitching holes) welded tubes which are useful for reducing device damage. The standard FBD bag flat cap to ensure full conductivity consists of a conductive ribbon. It is faithful und so weiter sandwich architecture (known as felt cloth fabric) to avoid dead spaces.
    3 – Cone Cap- This part of FBD bag felt cloth fabric is used to eschew dead spaces is known as a sandwich construction firm.
    4- Skirt – Skirt part of FBD bag is are bisect typed construction. One of these is with 6 mm cord and other is produced with a zip.

    Features of FBD bag –
    Feature of FBD bags are as follows –
    A- It is made up of welded tubes to decrease precious product loss.
    B-It has unique electrical repellent certificate.
    C-It has excellent resistant to wear and abrasion.
    D-FBD bag is made of extremely durable medial.
    E-FBD bag is a total range of pharmacy-grade fabrics inclusive conductive fabrics.
    F- FBD bag works exceptional immunity to premature blinding.
    G-High flow rates of FBD bag are coupled with productive particle retention.
    H- FBD bag is perfect to fit for all dryers.
    I-Its surface is smooth.
    J-It is manufactured with CAD controlled laser system.
    K-FBD bad has dharma mark, so its utilization is fully safe in pharmaceutical industries.
    Benefits of FBD bag-
    Benefits of FBD bag is like follows-
    A- FBD bag provides superior efficiency. It diminishes fastidious product loss.
    B-FBD bag improves safety. It provides proved conductivity of assembled bag.
    C-No product contamination from loose fibers.
    D-FBD bag presents optimal service life of fluid bed dryer systems.
    E-FBD bag reduces risk of holes forming at the skirt area.
    F-FBD bag delivers highest dryness.
    G-FBD bagian offer improved production rates.
    H-FBD bag presents low down year of graceful bed dryer.
    I-installment of FBD bag is easy, not complex.
    J- FBD bag offers cushy cleansing and easy cleaning concrete guarantees.
    K- FBD bags are used in a wide choice concerning applications. The pharmaceutical industry, for example, can raken used in chemical and petroleum industries.

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