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    Civil-Services-Cycle.png Scientists reflect that lightning started a fire by accident, but humans figured out how to tend it going nearby appointing somebody keeper of the flame day and night, perhaps the premier specialized job. For the first time, humans had a astounding tool plus which to control the environment. It kept darkness terrors and animals away. It was also sacred, the only substance which humans can kill and resurrect at will. The god who controlled streak was often the most powerful god in early religions. Most cultures have creation myths of how humans stole or were given fire by the gods and how they were punished and suffered for this divine knowledge. Fire wholly transformed food from raw to cooked, which allowed humans to eat otherwise indigestible foods and made food preservation possible. Control of arouse gave humans control of their comestibles supply-a huge survival advantage.
    Once humans had fire, how did cooking begin? Perhaps by accident, although anthropologists are still arguing about this. One theory is that an out-of-control intensity burned down a hut and accidentally cooked some pigs. People wandered in, tried the cooked meat, and liked it. Another speculation is that a sylvatic explode first roasted meat; still others sense that cooking was a more deliberate, controlled act by humans. In part case, now there were more options than raw bar and tartare.
    It was cooking, but was it cuisine? Historian Michael Freemans definition of cuisine is a unsure tradition of cooking including eating with a set of attitudes about food and its place in the life of man. So, cuisine requires not just a style of cooking, but an awareness about how the food is prepared and consumed. It must also involve a wide variety of ingredients, plus than are locally available, and cooks and diners willing to experiment, which means they are not constricted alongside tradition. Since early humans were still eating to survive, and had no control over their food supply, it was not cuisine.
    We strength never know exactly how people mastered fire and started cooking their food, we only know when-between 500,000 and one million years ago. Roasting over an open fire was likely the first cooking method. Pit roasting-putting food in a pit with burning embers and covering it-might have run into next. Accordingly spit roasting, when hunters came home with the animal already on a spear and decided to cook it by pensile it extra the fire also turning it. With sharp stone tools, meat could be cut into smaller pieces to make it cook faster. Food could be boiled in large mollusk or turtle shells where they were available, or even in animal skins,[8.] but pots were not invented until around 10,000 B.C. polysyndeton there were nix sturdy loam boiling pots until about 5000 B.C. Cooking in such vessels would probably have produced bacterial contamination, now there was no soap and no effective system to clean them. Finally, scientists believe that Homo sapiens-wise man, the direct ancestor of humans-appeared between one million and 100,000 years ago.
    Before language was invented, early humans spoke with actions. They danced, which dance historian Joan Cass defines as the making of rhythmical steps and movements for their possess sake (as against steps and movements done in order to go somewhere, to do work, or to dress oneself ). They danced together in religious ceremonies to ensure fertility of humans connective crops, for rain, for a successful hunt.

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