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    edd8f45053b1907a2bd3a75b4d293818.jpg Kraft Paper, porous polysyndeton elastic in nature, is attributed with high tear resistance. This paper is created from a strong chemical pulp which is produced by the Kraft process. This pulp is darker than other types of wood-pulps but it can be bleached to make yellow-resistant and durable bloodless Kraft Papers. Kraft Paper is used for making an array of functional products like bags, sacks, sandpaper, particle boards, etc. Following the ban on the use of plastic packaging, Kraft Paper Bags have emerged as the ideal replacement. Here are a few reasons that acquire these bags so useful.

    * Bags crafted from Kraft Paper are bio-degradable and do not pose any potential threat to the environment. The natural degradation of these bags makes them extremely convenient to dispose after use.

    * Organic items and food products can indigen stored for longer durations in these bags. Plastic bags contaminate food or organic products further also affect the moisture content inside them which leads to microbial growth. Kraft Sheet Bags are made from innate products and do not allow the contamination of organic products stored inside them. The porous nature of Kraft Bags allows atmosphere to pass through which retards microbial growth to an extent.

    * Kraft Paper is a material that can subsist worked with to make an array of shapes and designs of sacks and bags. Kraft Paper Bags can be made in different patterns and prints to elevate the aesthetics.

    * Kraft Paper Bags are generally brown in palette but different colors and prints can be easily achieved. Designer Kraft Paper Shopping Bags serve as an effective tool for marketing and brand promotion; no surprises marketers are distributing these to their customers.

    * Kraft Paper is a durable and tear-resistant paper. Therefore Kraft Paper Bags are an ideal choice for safely carrying light to heavy objects.

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