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    092414-Stucky-200.jpg In our daily life, we vessel see the impact crusher everywhere. And some of us may have the probability to get close to a rock crusher or even to utile it. So any people may need to have a comprehensive understanding concerning the stone crusher and know how to use it as well as mend it in case of emergency. Hence as to know all about it, the aborigine thing to do is to know the features of the parts of the stone crushers and their performances so you can know what’s wrong with it when it is out of work. The following passage is to discuss the features of the tenor significance crusher parts and their performances as an example.

    Seven parts like feed hopper, distributor, vortex crushing cavity, impeller, shaft, base, transmission device and ride legislature make up the impact crushers.

    The material falls vertically into the high-speed rotating impeller and crushes with the other high-speed part under the centrifugal force. After the material collides with individually other, it will form a kind of eddy run and collide and rub with each other for several times until it turns into pieces. Then it will be expelled vertically and go through the sieving equipment until it meets the criterion of the standard requirements of the finished products. First, the material collected around the jobber crushes and it will hit with the inner lining material of the vortex cavity. Concerning it changes the direction several times, it will be emitted from the impeller passage of material to form a continuous material. Thus the reify will be crushed and rubbed twice or more times in the vortex broken cavity to reach the purpose regarding crushing it into small pieces which are under the requirements of ours. The waste will be discharged through the bottom. In the panoramic process, the material does not contact with metal components directly still collide, rub and crush with the lining substance so that it reduces the contamination et sequens expand the life span of the stone crusher.

    So what are the features regarding the stone crusher parts? There are some features. First, the structure is simple but reasonable and is a self-impact crusher. Second, the feature of heavy loading and high-speed rotating is due to the individual design of position installation plus the advanced design of the principal axis. Third, the crusher is of high reliability and the high standard protection can ensure the safety and security regarding the people. Fourth, the operation is very smooth, less noisy, high efficiency, high crushing efficiency and energy saving. Fifth, the influence of material moisture content is very small. The water euphoria can be up to 8%. Sixth, the installation is manifold and portable installation is feasible. Next, the flow circulates internally in the vortex chamber thus the dust pollution is strikingly small. Last, in the productive process, the stone jug form an underlying composition so the machine is very endurable.

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