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    BasterBrush-Housewares.gif Silicone tubings are having their different applications in pharmaceutical field, among them these tubings are applied in pumping operations. The advantages of peristaltic pumping are clear (closed system with refusal risk of outside pollution by air or lubricant from the pump). The technique is consumed not only for processing pharmaceuticals, but also for blood pumping in extracorporeal blood circulation in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery or hemodialysis.

    These are some regarding the most demanding tubing applications. They not only require resistance to “chemicals” but also resistance to distortion during use, which could recede flow rates being the tubing flattens, also resistance to catastrophic failure/leakage (pump life). Pump life depends on many factors such as inject settings, the product being pumped, and the tubing material itself. Overall, certain physiological thermoplastics seem to perform not much better than FDA station silicone tubing when only considering stirrup life, although there are much conflicting data.

    The recovery capability or resilience of the elastomer is critical et al can be measured by tests such ut supra compression set (how much “memory” will remain in an elastomer after it has been subjected to a permanent compression) uncertainty hysteresis (how much energy is being dissipated between a “low stress and relax” cycle).

    Regarding silicone, peroxide initiated elastomers perform better than those cured with platinum. An interesting correlation has been established between hysteresis, a simpler test to run than compression set, polysyndeton tubing pump life. It has been board that the extended pump life concerning peroxide initiated silicone elastomers may be explained by their lower compression set polysyndeton lower hysteresis when compared with platinum cured elastomers. As a result of this observation, platinum cured elastomers near cheapen hysteresis have been developed for use in pumping applications.

    Spallation refers to degradation and the amount of particles generated and released from the tubing wall during peristaltic pumping but well before catastrophic failure or leakage. Spallation is dependent on the tubing composition: low spallation has been reported for fluoroelastomers,30 and the issue has been much studied in serum pumping applications. In addition, pump settings have been shown to be critical. When occlusion forces were reduced, spallation from silicone tubing was largely reduced. Interestingly enough, platinum cured silicone elastomer with lower hysteresis, as described above, once again appears to stage better than standard grades of platinum tubing.

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