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    page5image20496.jpg If you are dealing with a company that produces hermetically sealed devices then you cup understand that how can the intrusion of trace gases play havoc with the manufactured component. Yes contamination by drop gases or moisture may seem as a non interfering issue but this is really responsible for critical failures in a device. For example mist tin gnaw the inside of the device and cause issues such being fogging leakage etc. Many times difficulties in area of internal lubrication of the component or errors in its working may approach showing up due to such intruding elements.

    If you manufacture virtue device but are still facing problems in the engaged of the concerned product the hydra can be due to internal contamination.
    Hence it’s important for companies compatible yours to keep a tab on it and a seraphic technique in this regard could with residual marsh analysis or the RGA.

    What is Remaining gas Analysis?

    The technique employs specific residual gas analyzers that analyze the type of gas inside the device through specific methods. Most RGA’s work by converting the gas into a beam from ions. After converting to ions the resulting mixture is separated into individual ions by on the basis like their specific charge to mass ratios.

    To determine these charge to mass ratios a residual gas analyzer consists of three basic parts such as ionizer, mass analyzer and ion detector. As the name suggests the ionizers breaks the nitrous oxide into specific ions; the mass analyzer helps in determining the mass of them and detector determines the type.

    Why RGA?

    The best part with analysis services like RGA is that it is quite delicate and provides accurate results to the users. Major organizations dealing with micro electronics, metals, ceramics, packaging, pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and telecommunication one employ residual tear analysis to delimit sophistication in sealed components. Another advantage from this methodology is that it is non destructive which is what industries hanker for.

    This technique would run intact if you are looking for a congruous technique for bankruptcy analysis or to determined outgassing in sealed devices or for process control and production applications.

    If you wish to employ RGA at your organization then the best thing you can do is to search for specific companies online that offers such testing services. You can consult the issues you have with them and the concerned lab would suggest you with a solution for it.

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