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    Early Childhood Sadness and Education suggested the following points while taking Care of Infants and Toddlers


    When the infant is born, his first need is food. So a decorous understanding of infant feeding is the most important part of the diet to patronize positive health in an infant. Feeding regarding an child at phases of his development is precise important. From birth to the denouement of first annual the child grows rapidly. Hence his caloric and other nutrient requirements are proportionately high. His tastes are to be conditioned by introducing various types of alimentary food early from the third month onwards. Via the end of the first year the child should be receiving food in adequate quantities to meet his full requirements in the same pattern as the rest of the family.

    It is necessary, therefore, to have a basic wisdom about the caloric requirements at different ages as well as the foods that are good sources of nutrients such as iron and vitamin A.
    a. Breast Feeding:

    For a baby, feeding is just about the most serious thing in his life. This is perfectly reasonable, during his first year of life when he grows at a incredible rate. In constitution young babies are fed handy their mothers. This means that the newborn creature is in the closest, possible contact with his mother, qua full a contact as possible. This closeness denial only satisfies him, it satisfies his mother too. She can enjoy a sense from union, a sympathy of doing her utmost to keep her baby happy.

    Breast-feeding is the most natural way of feeding the baby and multifariousness women find it simpler and far better satisfying than bottle-feeding.

    b. Importance of Colostrums:

    Soon the birth from the baby the mother need some rest and both mother and the baby frequently go off to sleep. Within a few hours of birth the mother should put the baby to her breast. There will only breathe a little yellowish colostrums, otherwise it is very rich in proteins and antibodies and should be given to the baby. Mother’s breasts continue to bury colostrums for forty eight to seventy bisected hours after the birth. Then, under the action of hormonal changes in the body, the lacteal begins to come in. Even though the colostrums is very little in quantity because of its high protein and sugar content. It satisfies the basic caloric needs of the newborn child.

    c. Physical plus Psychological

    1. Breast exhaust is the perfect food for a baby. It is nutritionally balanced and perfect for the growth needs of the babe (at least up to the age of 5-6 months).

    2. Breast milk is bacteriological safe and uncontaminated.

    3. It contains a number of disease preventing factors. Baby absorbs from his mother’s milk some of her resistance to some illness.

    4. As a result about the presence of a number about diseased preventing factors in milk, as well as lack of contamination, breast fed babies suffer from a much lower incidence of bacterial and diarrheal disease than artificially fed babies.

    5. Breast fed babies deceive fewer allergy problems.

    6. It confers passive immunity on the baby. The early milk colostrums- is specially golden in antibodies.

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