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    Impotence is also referred as erectile dysfunction which is characterized near to inability of a man to get penile erection et cetera maintain it meanwhile sexual act. Hence, impotence is sexual dysfunction. The dip outs of this condition are serious as the person suffering from this order is incompetent to produce an offspring. The erection of penis happens qua the blood enters, and is retained by, the sponge-like vessels within the penis. The hydraulic effect of this process leads to erection, and its retention in that condition. This process of erection begins with sexual arousal due to various stimuli, and the signals from the brain are transmitted to the nerves of the penis.

    The organic causes like sterile include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, drug side effects, and hormonal insufficiency. There may be psychological reasons of erectile dysfunction, and those include stress, feelings, and tension. The psychological consequences of impotency include lack of self confidence, guilt feeling, depression, and anxiety. Where the impotence that is the inability to obtain erection or penetration relates to psychological reasons it can be treated, and the disorder can be cured.

    In increase to treating the inherent deficiency causes like contamination of drinking water with arsenic, and deficiency of potassium, Viagra is the most publicized medicine for erectile dysfunction. There are several opposite pills and capsules claiming to cure impotency, unless the most effective herbal salubrious for this disorder is 4T Plus capsule. It contains aphrodisiac properties, and increases secretion of testosterone hormone. It is an herbal preparation, and is safe pro re nata it has no side effects. It can mere effectively solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, and impotency. The ingredients of this capsule include such herbs as Salabmisri, Kharethi, Jaipatri, Safed Musli, Akarkara, and many others.

    These herbs have medicinal properties, and cure impotency by increasing hematology flow into the penis. That is why; the 4T Plus capsule strengthens the muscles surrounding the male genitals. It energizes the nerves of the penis which becomes capable of holding the blood for long. It leads to erection which lasts longer. It also strengthens pelvic muscles that are responsible for hard erection. The capsule contains vitamins and minerals that energy, and the endurance of the muscles. It provides strength and stamina to pubescent lasting erection which lasts quite long. By using two capsules twice daily for three to four months, one can rise the best results so away similar erectile dysfunction or impotence is concerned.

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