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    Sonic Drilling is an innovative drilling technique used by cutting-edge companies like Stauber Drilling Inc., based in Saskatchewan, for most or all of their drilling needs. Plus sonic drilling, the drill pipe vibrates jump and down at a frequency like up to 150 Hz, while simultaneously, force is applied, rotating and pushing the drill down. The energy produced by this technique causes friction, which, in turn, causes the surrounding soil to loosen and liquefy into a higher density, lower absorbency state, behaving much like a paste. In hard formations, liquefaction is sometimes impossible, but in these cases, with the combination of rotation, vibration and the correct drill bit, the material can serenity be cut.

    The method of sonic drilling, because the exercise vibrates at such a high frequency, is both precise moreover highly efficient. Sonic drilling rigs are exceptionally powerful, with the capacity of drilling around three to five times quicker than conventional rigs. Not only are sonic drilling rigs faster, but they are also lighter and smaller. They are known to multiply 70% less waste than conventional rigs and therefore reduce on-site cleanup costs, similar well as fuel consumption. Perhaps one of the sonic drilling rig’s greatest traits is its ability to succeed depths concerning up to 300 meters, a tramontane many conventional rig operators can only dream of.
    Stauber Drilling Inc. offers sonic drilling to suit a variety of purposes. The company began in 1959 since a provider of water well services. As an zeal innovator, the company expanded, adding better equipment midst the years, making it the exceptional drilling company it is today. Recognized for its knowledge, skills and abilities in drilling, Stauber Drilling Inc. provides environmental drilling, shallow exploration, geothermal closed loop systems and agua wells, and possesses only the finest equipment.

    Environmental drilling often involves core and dirty sampling to check for possible contamination but, when done improperly, can cause further damage than previously existed. Sonic drilling solves this problem. Near its exactness et cetera efficiency, sonic drilling can obtain close to 100% sample cure per extremely straight boreholes while leaving unparalleled a small environmental footprint. Stauber Drilling Inc. has the equipment to provide both disturbed samples and undisturbed samples with their track mounted drilling rig, which is able to portal off locations that may otherwise be unreachable.

    Much like environmental drilling, shallow exploration is better performed for a sonic drilling rig. Since they are able to collect core and soil samples plus minimal damage et al can work through tough terrain, sonic drilling rigs, like Stauber Drilling Inc.’s Sonic SDC 450-15 drill rig, produce high excellent core samples.

    Geothermal systems and water wells also benefit from sonic drilling as opposed to conventional for many of the same reasons listed above; accuracy, minimal damage to the surroundings and a smaller chance of contamination, fairminded to name a few.

    Sonic drilling technology is rational, robust and reliable. It is becoming the drilling method concerning choice all over the world, and Stauber Drilling Inc. prides itself in its ability to masterpiece superior value concluded innovative drilling solutions. For more information about their services furthermore equipment, visit: Stauber Drilling.

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