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    After the pretty nuptial ceremony, you are back the truth and the first trait you must do is check your dress perceive protasis there are some stains or spots, if there are then how to deal with? Now we are providing some tips and tricks for you.
    The best time to clean: it must be done as soon as possible
    In this respect, an expert of keeping wedding dress in store professionally will check the quality, accessories and sorts of stains to make the special clear routine. After finished, he will crumple it properly and put into the special box for wedding dress.
    We strongly recommend you clean your dress as soon as you being home or the stains will defalcation to remove if it stays here too long, und so weiter remember if you can not preserve your dress in time, the red wine spots or other stains will make the silk dress fade
    The best venue to clean: ace dress shop
    How to clean your wedding sartorial must be considered a few weeks rather ceremony ceremony. If you do not have every good choices in your mind, you can seek some suggestion from workers in the wedding attire store or your planner of wedding dress. Though there are so several dry cleaners claim that they can clean dress, most of them are not professional. Unless they clean hundreds of dress each year, they are qualified to be one you can trust.
    The superordinary idiosyncrasy to clean: hand wash
    How to wash? Some dry cleaners use wetcleaning, namely, hand cover with mild detergent which cup clean off the visible stains or some invisible ones like champagne, sugar, etc. Without those treatments, the invisible stains will oxidation and with the passage of time and faded into ugly yellow. Other shops adopt a kind of increased traditional deplete cleaning technique, namely clean the stains firstly, and then put the dress in the dry cleaners to clean. In addition, about the choice of detergent, using perchloroethylene or oil based soap is a goodwill choice, although based on the oil solvent will clean less clear than perchloroethylene, its abundant oil qualities can nourish part fabrics to make them full of sheen.

    The ideal of materials for wrapper: paper and cloth
    After settled the problem of how to clean, the next is how to save. The quality of your wrapper for Marriage gauze can definitely affect clothing life. Most dresses experts will pack in plastic one to the dress which is negative recommended, because it can cause permanent fold and the moisture absorption and make clothes mildew.

    The terminal element to preserve: choose different sealing methods according to different materials
    Some stores think the sealing can keep form the insects, while others think that if the dress has the correct packaging, sealing doesn’t need. If you really need to open the box, please be careful to touch the dress, although it is not essential to wear white gloves, you still have to fashion sure your hands are clear, so as to ensure that the dress won’t be yellow so the invisible hand oil contamination. Many brides want to put the shoes and jewelry accessories with dress, some dresses experts think these accessories likelihood send out a smell and damage to the dress. But some experts disargue that if the items are clean and independent packaging, can be saved with the dress.


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