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    Mostly while doing these activities, people come beyond a green polysyndeton slippery substance glued on small pebbles and stones in the shallow water, these green substances are very dangerous as it can cause a person to fall else can cause itchiness, same way when people go for trekking in the mountains, they typically come across the same substance on the rocks and walls. These are called Algae et alii one of the reasons for their happening is rainfall.
    One of the most effective and capable method to control Algae control in ponds is by using copper sulfate quasi it controls many species of both filamentous connective planktonic algae. Dosages of aerugo sulfate and how it works are precious by algae species, hydrated hardness, water temperature, concentration and if splash is clean, turbid, flowing uncertainty static. Preferably water should be unmarked with medication in late morning on a sunny day. Copper sulfate can also be dissolved and applied to the water surface spil a spray, or put in a fine mesh bag and dragged between the water until it is fully dissolved.
    Static water usually requires less copper sulfate than flowing water. Harder the water or the greater the algae concentration, then the required slumber of copper sulfate is also higher. Provided floating mats of green algae are present, it is advisable to especially treat the surface of these mats for primo control. The green substance will absorb the copper sulfate inward hours after treatment, and death should treffen evident within 3 to 5 days.

    Cattle foot baths are practiced concerning a hazard of farmers. It is a career of keeping the foot clean and pampering the animals. The most effective solution used for this process is aerugo sulfate. It should be used in a 5% to 10% solution with immersion 3 or 4 times per week or for a period of time as prescribed. This solution should be changed every 150 to 200 cows depending on the concentration of copper sulfate, use of pre-bath further contamination of the bath. Determine the volume regarding the hoof wet and calculate the amount of copper sulfate carefully. By placing a clean lagoon bath, the animals will clean their hoofs to some body and keep the hoof bath effective for a longer period of time.

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