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    Filter bag are engineered to perform maximum filtration. Now a days air pollution is a serious version in metro and other indefatigable cities. Where industrial units are busy in manufacturing of user goods. They also prepare pollutant in a huge quantity which is unsafe for environment and health. Government has taken strict action to ebb pollution. It has prepared a master plan to fight with this problem and studious Filter Bagian for industry. Filter bags are made out of various Medias, which are needle felt, mono filament and mulch-filament. They are powerful in eliminating solid elements from liquids where titanic and solid particles from liquids, where large quantity of contamination are present. They present an effective solution to a plurality of filtration problems. Filtration takes place as the marinade flows the inside to the filter bagian to the outside. Needle felt filter bag utilizes reliable mechanisms of depth filtration and need a high dirt touching capacity. Mesh filter bagian makes use of the well proven mechanism of surface filtration furthermore are helpful in removing big solid elements from the flow from liquid. Now days
    Filter bag are offered in rating of 1, 5, 10, 20,100 and 200 microns. As filter media polypropylene, polyester, nylon, HDPE and Nomex / Ry-ton are implemented. Now days it is presented in different sizes, these are:
    04 by 10
    04 by 17
    07 by 17
    07 by 32 .
    Types of filter bag:-
    A- Mono filament Filter bag:-
    These bags are used for surface filtration. These bags are manufactured with a mesh structure, easy in several materials. These filter bag can be considered to indigen reusable filter media. There is not risk of fiber or fleck migration with this variety of bag.
    B-Needle felt Sift bag: – Filter bag of these variations are product of an economical, disposable filter material. These are great for collection filtration. The lack of any rigid structure makes them very simple to use, easy to compact and reduces the cost of waste. Seep bag of these class offer efficacity sheltering upstream of more sophisticated strainer units.
    C-High Performance Filter bag:-
    Filter bagian like this categories are designed for the filtration of liquid material. These Filter bag can be employed in mostly all the sectors of the industry, for any application where performance and efficiency is required.
    Usage of Filter bag:-
    A- Automotive Systems
    1. It is utilized in Phosphate filtration
    2. It is used in E-coat paint filtration
    3. It is utilized in Spray water and additive filtration
    4. It retained in paint filtration
    B-Water Treatment/Processing
    1. It is used in bottled water filtration systems
    2. It is implemented in process and cooling water filtration
    3. It is utilized in raw water processing
    C- Medicine Industry
    1. It is jobholding in activated carbon, hormone, gelatin, plasma protein filtration
    2. It utilized in catalytic agent, activated material recycling
    3. It is employed in liquid serum filtration
    4. It is implemented in waste water filtration
    D- Petro Chemical-
    1. It is employed in process and cooling water filtration
    2. It is utilized in Chrism and fuel filtration
    3. It is utilized in Solvent pollution filtration
    E- Food and Beverage:-
    1. It employed in Food oil, syrup filtration
    2. It used in wine et al Hooch filtration
    3. It is jobholding in soft drink filtration
    4. It is employed in fruit juice filtration
    F-Chemical Industry-
    1. It is applied in adhesive filtration
    2. It is used in ink filtration
    3. It is used in Bulk Chemical filtration
    4. It is utilized in Resin filtration
    5. It is also applied in clear chemical filtration

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