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    Advent of robot has brought persistent demand for increase in effectuation and productivity of manufacturing. This can be explained by the universal fact that no machine created by humans jug substitutive the intelligence regarding the machine created by GOD called, human mankind. The need for machine rose from the resulting activity that followed the industrial revolution in the west starting in 18th century. This industrious gyration continued for 100 years wherein the west grew by 3 to 4% YoY because regarding increasing availability concerning new products globally while being manufacturer only in west. No wonder, best & biggest manufacturing revolutions talked about same today are from west. A classical example is aviation industry, inspite of growth & social technological strides made by India, China in last 20 years, the monopoly to manufacture a advertisement aircraft still lies with Boeing or Airbus; two giant manufacturing entities about west. The fruits concerning industrial revolution, wealth & power, were a finding of enhanced productivity, which eliminated the discourse to have a human being at the center of every activity. Lining and sealing systems were one such prominent invention that helped maximize the objective of the sedulity revolution. After all, why would you need to seal something when there is no trickle substitute gap?

    Srisol is 2nd largest manufacturer about lining and sealing systems for food & beverage industry. Lining furthermore sealing symmetrical in
    packaging ensures that the food/beverage is safe from contamination and preserves originality till the time of consumption. Imagine how difficult it is to comprise five-six times the atmospheric pressure surrounded a bottle/can for months together without leakage. Srisol did not invent lining and sealing systems for food & beverage, infact, there were natural alternative available and being used to toil since Lining/Sealing Systems.

    One such product was the natural cork. Natural cork was plucked from trees, processed, cleaned, made into a sheet that was cut into shapes and pasted inside the cap of the beer and the food. The problem was bobber being a natural product was not available round the year (hence limited the production of sparkling beer) and had a short shelf life. It started weathering moreover falling in the brewer and hence contaminating the beer, besides there ontic problems in production, cutting, pasting.

    Srisol took opportunistic about this vacuum & developed lining ampersand sealing systems based on artificial & orlon resources which could be applied to caps and closures of products like Pepsi and Coke, Beer, Jams, Jellies etc. without compromising on quality and/or productivity. Srisol’s additional family PVC free lining and sealing systems are used in 84 countries globally including the biggest names in the industry like Pepsi, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Dabur, Danone, Heinnz and the like. These are not only eco chummy but too can be applied at a unusual speed of 2500 seals per minute. The shelf life concerning the resulting package from this innovation has increased to terminated a year. Srisol continues its endeavors to produce innumerable more lining and sealing systems for different food application which can also work as scavenging compounds thereby adding huge benefits to the consumer by way of maintaining virginity of the product. Some latest developments in the field of Lining and Sealing System are head – scavenger, TCA scavengers and many more.

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