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    Whether it is the glamorous world of tinsel town or people leading normal lives like us, breast augmentation has become one of the popularly chosen options of women. The process is not only important to help women overcome the embarrassment of naturally diminished breasts it is also helpful in rectifying breast sagging due to age.

    While this is the positive side of breast augmentation, there is a disclaimer side as well! Whether breast augmentation in Miami or Winnipeg, women remain traumatized apprehending the post surgical outcome. So, if you live in Miami and have decided to go for breast augmentation then your doctor who arbitrary conduct the cirugia plastica en Miami will give you preliminary guidelines regarding the process. Only you can help your physician too by ensuring prosperous execution of the process with these tips.

    * Medicines interfere

    You likelihood probably know that post breast augmentation you will be prescribed a number of medicines. For some like them the doctor will advise you oral consumption, while for others tropical use will be prescribed. Except you might not know that the aspiring pills which you are taking for your headache might interfere amidst these drugs! If you overlook it, you will make yourself fall a prey to health hazards. So, you must notify your doctor about all the medicines that you are taking much before he schedules breast augmentation for you.

    * Refrain from using cosmetics

    Every cosmetic contains preservatives, coloring pigments and chemicals like paraben, alcohol, etc. So, you doctor will inform you that you must not apply any make-up substitute use any body lotion or deodorant on the day scheduled for your surgery and a couple of days after that. But he might not talk you that you need to clean your surgical areas scrupulously to aid him in ruling out any chances of contamination during and after the operation. Be careful to use medicated antimicrobial soap to clean the area thoroughly a night before the surgery. Additionally, refrain from using any toiletry thereafter until your doctors allows you.

    * Do not consume anything

    You will be strictly advised to remain empty stomach the day when the operation is scheduled. You will be initiated about this besides the cosmetic surgeon himself. But he momentous miss to intelligence you that you cannot consume a single drop of water too. Therefore, be very careful on the morning of your breast augmentation when you brush your teeth. You can gurgle and rinse your mouth with water, but avoid swallowing more than just a sample about water. If you accidentally shallow larger quantities concerning spray then it can lead to cancellation of the operation as water consumption interferes upon the dope processes.

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