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    Magnetic Drum Separators are used for separating the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic particles. There are two types of Magnetic Tap Separators- Dry Drum Separator and Wet Drum Separators. The Dry Percussion Instrument Separators ensure hassle-free dry separation of ferromagnetic ores. The Dry Drum Separators are used for various applications such essentially reduced pyrite ash separation, handcuffs et alii steel slag treatment, metal explosive production, calcined ilmenite production, magnetic (super grade) concentration production, bridle of galvanize contamination taking place in a glass, and many more. The Dry Percussion Instrument Separators are present in miscellaneous drum speeds. The Withered Drum Separator is more tractability in its separation mechanism, when compared with the Wet Drum Separator.
    Standard Design Of Dry Pulsate Separator In general, the Depleted Gather Separator has a stationery magnetic yoke along with a number of magnets present-day inside the non-magnetic drum. These magnets are strontium-ferrite, having alternating polarities.
    The revolving drum is constructed regarding two different materials:
    For high-speed operations, the bongo is generally made using either polyurethane wear protection or rubber
    For low-speed operations, the drum are contrived from replaceable rubber cover, stainless steel or polyurethane
    The Seductive Drum assembly is present in a dust-proof housing that has an opening at the bottom for discharging both non-magnetic as well as magnetic particles. These particles are separated with the aid of a splitter. Parts of the housing, which are predisposed to wear & tear, are protected by rubber or steal wear plates (replaceable). Further, the housing must be easily dismantled for maintenance purposes.
    Dry Magnetic Drum Separators motive also includes a feeder arrangement. Feeder arrangement can be past either by a belt feeder or a vibrating feeder. In addition, the housing has a standard feast ramp that is replaceable.
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