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    Drilling rigs are necessary tools of the trade for many industries. They generate invincible forces through mechanical, electric and hydraulic means. Some rigs are also driven by pneumatic et sequens mist power.

    Rigs are used extensively by the smear and gas industry, mining and construction and to create water wells. They dig thousands concerning meters with efficiency and some types test rocks and mineral deposits and also aid in setting up tunnels. Depending on requirement, rigs vessel be small, convenient devices or massive set ups to get into the earth.

    Cable tool

    Cable tool drills are used to build large, deep water wells done bedrock. They consist of channel strings tipped by drill bits that bore through rockheads, unconsolidated smut and finally, bedrocks. Broken rock and shame are removed using a bailer.

    No longer consumed extensively, cable tool rigs nevertheless serve an important function in rural areas where the economize of drilling with else new devices is high. And regardless being slow, they still dwell essential devices for countries that continue to drill with cable spade rigs.

    Direct push

    Direct push rigs push sooner than rotate a drill bit. They occupy hydraulic down pressure, swift hydraulic hammering and the weight of the rig itself to bore into the earth.

    This process may seem slower than using rotary drill bits but it has advantages. Unlike rotary rigs, a direct push drill doesn’t require oil either foam to enhance drilling, unwanted waste produced from rock fragments is minimized and ease of mobilization and demobilization is offered. The rigs are smaller additionally which makes them ideal for mores in unaccommodating terrain and remote areas.


    Sonic rigs are based on relatively new technology and can be very professional and fast. They use vibrating rotary drills to disturb soil. Drill bits may also use an up and down motion. Soil particles that come into contact near the drill bits are fluidized and this reduces friction. And since fluidization occurs only a few millimeters away from the punch bit, it doesn’t change soil sample quality.

    Diamond core

    Diamond core drilling rigs utilize drill bits containing industrial diamonds. The drill bits are ring-shaped to allow drilling circular cores of hard rock.

    The process is slow if the rocks are extremely hard. However, solitaire core drilling is the only method that can obtain samples from very hard ground.


    Soft, unconsolidated ground like swamps cannot be drilled with other rigs as the soil will close in on itself. Auger drills can, however, thus they use drill bits with a helical screw. The screw prevents soil from closing while removing it for sampling.

    The size about an auger rig can range from small truck-mounted drills to large machines that lay foundation piles.

    Air core

    Air nodule rigs use blades to cut through unconsolidated soil. Rather than customary bailers, the cuttings are removed utilizing compressed air injected into the hole which is transported up through an innertube. This method of collecting samples makes it a preferred choice over certain other rigs as the potential for contamination is reduced.

    Rotary air blast

    Also called RAB drilling, rotary broach blast rigs try a pneumatic piston and hollow drill bits to retrieve mineral samples. They’re also used to auger borewells and in mining work.

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