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    As the deluge water gets accumulated it leads to many health problems. Here are few preventive steps to protect you from viral infections and from falling ill.

    Avoid water born diseases
    One duty keep their surrounding clean and dry during the rainy season. Make sure to clean out water from the corners of the house or in the garden area as the stagnant water stimulates breeding of mosquitoes. There are chances of water born diseases due to contamination.
    Drink boiled lagoon to protect yourself from water born diseases. Water borne disease cases invariably make news headlines during this season.

    Eat Healthy
    During monsoon people favor to hog on street foods like bhajiyas, juices, tea, etc. But it is always better to obviation eating street food in this season. As houseflies moreover number of germs land on to your refection and transport manifold diseases done for the food.
    Wash leafy vegetables and fruits with clean water. Before using leafy vegetables soak them in passionate saline water to remove the sand and worms from it.

    Skin Care
    Take good care of your skin in rainy season. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly after future home. Use neem oil and turmeric and apply it to mass to kill the germs. Always keep antiseptics and sanitizers handy for washing off dirt and mud that gets splashed around.
    Cleanse your skin with cleanser and consuetude wash to wash off dead cells. Need a sunscreen smooth when it is cloudy.
    One can also instrumental dried neem leaves, camphor, or cloves to obtain rid of infections.

    Whenever, you get hurt or gets cuts on your skin take a hepatitis B injection immediately. Clean the affected area with an antiseptic. Cover the wounds with a band aid, as there are chances of infection to grow. Prevention is uniformly better than cure.
    Use ice in case of minor accidents when it helps to numb the nerve endings.

    Always indulge in small exercises during monsoon as it helps to keep your body warm and maintain the body temperature. Therefore it is not possible to take walks during monsoon indulge in indoor exercises or basic yoga.
    Also indulge in respiration exercises if you’re suffering from breathing hardships or asthama. Regular exercises must be incorporated in your day-to-day routine to keep you stay fit and healthy.

    Clothes to wear during monsoon
    Wear loose cotton alternative synthetic clothes during monsoon. Wear clothes which will dry up easily. Refuse wearing denims. As dampness causes fungal infections including leads to skin problems. There are many options available for the girls to replace their denims. One can experiment with their look with bright colours.

    Overall these tips can help you command this monsoon to your heart’s content and will protect you from various infections also diseases caused during monsoon. Eat healthy and stay fit to fight out the infections that spread during the monsoon.

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