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    Are you interested in placing fresh flowers at room for decoration, this is the right article for you, follow me to read please.

    Study room
    You would sense that there are flower vases at study room for decoration still there is no fresh flower inside, in fact, it is the common way to decorate study room in classical Chinese style study room. However, it is influential for you to choose right flower vases according to room space, furniture’s size and shape. For example, if your study room is narrow, it is not right to choose large scale flower vase, otherwise you intention feel the depressive feeling because it is so crowded. Placing small et sequens impeccable flower vase at right location, the unmotivated decorative sequence would be strengthened. On the contrary, if the room space is too much large, it is better to recommended flower vase such as the one meter tall vase with beautiful colored drawing or pattern on vase body. By this way, the room atmosphere would be peace and elegant. In short, read room is the place for perusal and thinking, therefore it is recommended to choose peaceful color vase.

    When decorating kitchen, the first factor you have to consider is the sanitary conditions, for example, whether it is healthful and clean. protasis you covet to place extraordinary plants at kitchen, they should be the clean plants without peculiar smell and damage by disease and insect. In addition, as is known to all, kitchen is the site which is full of lampblack, therefore plants being placed at here should have good performance of contamination resistance and aloe vera, towers flower, fern and evergreen are recommended to you. Are you drawn in flower deployment in kitchen? You can choose some vegetables or fruit materials as arranged flowers, which is not only harmonious with kitchen environment, but also full of only temperament and interest.

    It is effortless to decorate bathroom with flowers. For example, you can place myriad flower shelf in bathroom furthermore then place some rude flowers or bonsai on them, which is so beautiful. At the same time, you vessel sag some pieces of art paintings on the wall, which would make you have demure mood and stress the culture atmosphere.

    In short, fresh flowers being arranged at hallway should be clean moreover it is better to repository salmon flowers because according to geomancy theory, it is profitable to develop good interpersonal relationship.

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