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         Don’t you hate bad news? Well, you intention hate hearing about the Norovirus, one nasty hard-hitting bug. This nasty bug is every where sending droves of commoners to hospitals across the country. You associate people on cruise ships all coming down with an syndrome like the Norovirus, but not this bug. You can catch it in the drug store, shopping mall, further quit off the table tops of restaurants. Washing your hands may help, just this spider can be inhaled from the air astern someone sneezes. They symptoms are similar to other bugs that cause headaches, vomiting, cramps and diarrhea, save only worse.
    Make nay sophistic about it, this is a prime example of a super virus on steroids! No antibiotic container stop it; and it’s difficult to kill. A quick hand washing won’t kill it, even if you use one of those alcohol wipes. With this bug, you need to scrub your hands like a surgeon for about thirty seconds to get rid of it. (Soap and water are still the suggested weapons against it.)
    One problem with this bug is that it can live on surfaces longer than many other viruses. It can be transmitted over the air through sneezing and coughing, it can be food borne, (you better hope your nourishment handlers scrubbed their hands) Most workers in the cooking industry, do not get paid seizure farewell und so weiter you know what that means. Workers often times report to work when they are sick! If that isn’t bad enough, when a chap vomits in the toilet and then flushes, the virus can become airborne. Now others can breathe it into their systems as the eavesdrop eventually settles on the counter top and other surfaces. How many of us experience our cog brushes close to the toilet?
    How serious is this bug? There have been many deaths attributed to it already.” The Center for Disease Control reports that the norovirus causes about 70,000 hospitalizations and 800 deaths this year.” Now, take into consideration that this Australian strain, as they call it, is wide worse than previous strains.
    Healthy individuals can ride out from this mite just like any similar bug, but people with weak immune systems to begin with are at risk spil are young children. Most people will clearly suffer with the symptoms for a week or two but will recover in due time.
    So how did this nasty bug become so dominate and powerful? Maybe it’s the result of a few surviving germs after a person used an alcohol hand wipe. This is sole way super bugs are created. Viruses as well thus bacteria mutate into different forms of the original. This particular ability to adapt and change is something the Center of Disease Control must deal with in the creation of flu vaccines. The very bug that the vaccine is created for may mutate and become immune to the antibiotic that we scarf at it.
    Another interesting thing about the noroviris that is sweeping the country, a existent can be spreading the gnat for two weeks before they even know that they have acquired it. We try to avoid people who are obviously agony from a flu or cold, but in this instance, you would not know that a particular person was even sick. Once we know someone is ill with a bug like the norovirus, we can avoid then for a unite of weeks.
    The best way to prevention getting the norovirus is to avoid people that you fathom have the symptoms. We can’t lock ourselves in a room, so going out in public will continue to be a risk. The one thing that you can do to repress hand to mouth contamination is by doing a thorough job of hand washing. Gee, didn’t grandma say that a long time ago?

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