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    Sometimes, when it rains heavily, the rain water gets collected entire where. Some of the shower water goes into the gutter system. But the rest of it moves towards the river and the lakes. This moving water carries away the soil, animal waste, fertilizers from garden, balm connective many other things. This pollutes the river water. This uninjured step is called as blow water pollution.

    This happens every time, if it rains heavily, which further increases water pollution. It creates unhealthy habitat for the amphibians and to all others who use that water in any way. This adulteration is decreasing day by day accompanying the increase in the civilization.

    This pollution can cause many problems like contamination of water, loses of narrow businesses, harms or kills wildlife, Contaminate the rural land. Other than that it causes disease like malaria, callus diseases, closure regarding swimming beaches and contaminates drinking water supplies as well.

    This problem cup not be solved by one and by a few drainage system, as the rain falls in each and every area. This problem vessel only be solved with joint efforts.

    One can prevent storm water uncleanliness if they:

    1. Recycle the consumed oil.
    2. Stop dumping into the storm drain.
    3. Use cars with low emission.
    4. Low use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

    5. stop deforestation et al plant new trees, as they mesmerize rain water and also manage the storm water.
    6. Scooping et cetera disposing animal dump properly.
    7. Retaining a violence water methodical in whole community.

    All such methods should be adopted to avoid storm water pollution.

    Storm water pollution control programs are being followed in every energy and workshop these days. Such programs are used to control the pollutants discharged into water of lakes, rivers and the ocean.

    Erosion control blankets is one of the efficient ways to control soil erosions. There are many companies that offer such services. Such firms also provide free installation of blankets. Drain filters and drain covers can efficiently manage the oil leaks from vehicles in parking lots. They are used to separate waste from storm water, before it goes into the water system. They are very good to indigen used in parkeergebouw lots, architecture sites, vehicle storage/service areas, in zealous plants, as these areas have large amounts regarding oil.

    Oil absorbents can also be used, as a solution for these problems. One can have more information on this and can see more circa how to prevent pollution and erosion of soil. A little research can save a lot of lives. So, follow some simple steps and make this earth a better place to live.

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