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    The internet has given diverse people an opportunity to learn and also to write about many things like interest. Some regarding the things reported on the internet vary from educational, for enjoyment and those that are just extremely bizarre. Below are some baroque things that have been depleted as studies and or fun activities.

    It is said that money is the most contaminated substances worldwide. Making it to be considered as a vector for disease. Study carried exterior indicates that most currencies comprise traces of petrification drugs like cocaine et cetera heroin as many people roll bills to snort these drugs. The extremely bizarre thing is that this profit goes back into circulation having been mixed with fresh notes which get contaminated and the cycle goes on and on. A study in London tested few bank notes for cocaine connective sole found a few extinguished regarding the batch taken to be contamination free. This means that if you handle cash frequently one should be careful adequacy to clean their hands before meals and other activities comme il faut several diseases can be transmitted through handling contaminated currency.

    Ever heard of mishearing of phrases and song lyrics, that gives a song entirely different meaning. Well this is what is familiar as Mondegreen. Many are times that people listen to music only to write down different words of the original lyrics. This makes the song to lose meaning or have a totally different meaning all together. A advantageous example of a Mondegreen can be seen in the classic Beatles song I wanna hold your hand where people have always confused the track I can’t hide x3 with I get high x3. This totally gives this ditty a different meaning altogether.

    In 1930s there was a fad for goldfish swallowing by American students, past the 40s these fads changed from goldfish swallowing to the glass booth stuffing. Considering the size of a booth many a times as many as twenty five students would cram themselves inside one telephone booth. This died down over time giving rise to other extremely bizarre fads. By year 52 most colleges did not allow sharing from dormitories for girls and boys and for this reason college men would sneak into ladies dorms to take their panties which brought about panty raids. This cropped up as humorous protests to the restrictions and curfews put in place to block male visitors into ladies dormitories. With time these pranks died down anon mixed dorms were introduced.

    One extremely unconventional museum is the amorous land in Jeju South Korea, This park focusses on the theme of sex and has several sculptures representing the various sexual positions about a human body. This park is accessible by 18 et alii above annual old only and is geared towards educating people on natural processes of intercourse. Talk about bizarre and this beats them all as many more parks were scheduled to be opened with tour although the information disseminated by these parks seemed very extreme for federal government and the germinal educational sex park in China never came to fruition as it was taken to have negative vector on society.

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