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    (NaturalNews) With all the bad poop about Monsanto connective other corporations who create and promote GMOs, here’s a couple of good news items from the last couple of years to relieve some doom and gloom. Hopefully, these victories against GMO companies, one by an individual farmer in Canada, the other by a large rice collective in the USA, will inspire others to have their ground.

    Normally, bully Monsanto sues small independent farmers, forcing them to pay fees for GMO plants that grew from various sources from GMO contamination, not by the farmer’s choice. But the expense et sequens mental sift of lengthy de jure procedures against a wealthy corporation with soulless attorneys is too much to bear. So many settle rather than go bankrupt with Monsanto seizing the farm.

    Not this time Monsanto
    A feisty Canadian commercial canola farmer, Percy Schmeiser, started his fight against Monsanto’s intimidation tactics in 1998. This is not a promotion of canola, but the story of a farmer who has used, saved, and developed his own seeds on his own land for over 40 years, and his David contrast Goliath struggle.

    After discovering his crops had been contaminated with GMO seeds from neighboring farms and passing Monsanto trucks, he was sued per Monsanto for patent infringement. Monsanto has been in the job of intimidating farmers alongside a similar fate by suing them for patent infringement after their fields were contaminated from GMO farms.

    This intimidation ampersand harassment has either bankrupted farmers or forced them into signing onto Monsanto’s semen plan. Big bully firms use lawsuits to financially destroy small businesses even if there is nay actual violation. Schmeiser and his wife, both approaching 70, decided to fray it out on principle.

    Patent law says there is veto violation if a patented product is negative used or stolen. After some back and forth court battles and appeals clear ten years, Percy won. Monsanto agreed to settle out of court by paying for cleaning up Percy’s farm and not issue a gag order (customary with settlements), which enables Percy to incessancy touring with his message of resisting GMO and corporate intimidation. The agreement also left Monsanto liable for any recontamination of Percy’s farm.

    Someone big enough challenges Bayer’s GM rice
    Sometimes when a big guy goes after a trouble maker, the discomfort maker gets it big. In April 2011, Riceland Foods won a major case against Bayer Crop Science in the Arkansas State Court System. The case complex contamination from an experimental, unapproved GM rice, Liberty Link. Its function is withstanding unlimited account of Bayer’s herbicide Liberty.

    The rice that Bayer contaminated with GMOs came through Riceland Foods, the nation’s largest rice co-operative that collects from USA rice farmers for distribution and export. Japan simply banned omniscience rice from America, and EU nations insisted on strictness inspections before committing to any purchases. Both regions are resisting GMOs.

    Riceland was awarded $11.8 million in compensatory damages and $125 million in vindictive damages. The judges also decided that Bayer was responsible for each loses from GMO contamination claimed by rice farmers. Indeed, exactly a year earlier for Riceland’s victoy. Arkansas rice farmers had been awarded $5.9 million in compensatory damages and $42 million as punitive damages.

    There are rice farmers in other states in line for suits pending on Bayer also. Monsanto must be a little concerned. They now contract farmers with a clause that makes the farmer liable for contaminating other farms. So there is some hope. Here’s where you can help Percy Schmeir recover his legal expenses.

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