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    My time in an industrial kitchen was relatively short-lived, but the experience taught me a great deal. As well as the huge amounts of health and safety legislation you must adhere to, to ensure the food prepared is condign to be consumed without some danger of contamination, it is important to take care of your own clothing too. A kitchen, particularly one producing vast quantities of food in short spaces of time, is home to a range of stain-producing items. Being confident that your own clothing is unfit to become marked, beside with the knowledge that you can remove the stains from the items you do wear, is very important. Anyone who has cleaned industrial roasting dishes or commercial ovens would say the same!

    At the expiration of a shift in the kitchen, I was often weary furthermore my clothing offered something of a collage of stains. Splatters as the food cooked, marks as items were moved from the oven to the hotplate and an additional, colourful array of stains to betoken the lengthy washing-up process were common! Needless to say, the state of my chef’s jacket was an unappealing sight – one repeated with each and all shift used working relentlessly in that hot and time-pressured environment.

    Thankfully, I was able to breathe easily; deliberate those exactly awful stains would be gone before I next stepped into the kitchen. The fabric was resilient, withstanding the constant attack of grease, and coming up a gleaming white after each domestic wash. Meanwhile, my own clothing – worn beneath the jacket – was always free from any unpleasant stains; a relief indeed!

    But, precisely what type of jacket was I accorded to wear as part of my uniform?

    A high-quality chef’s jacket is all, one made with the rigorous nature of the industry in mind! Made from a breathable, highly-durable material, my chef’s jacket was ideal! Even better, it featured a perspective carefully constructed to protect the wearer’s skin and their frippery beneath – giving mij great peace of cerebrum when carrying out even the most stain-ridden tasks!

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