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    Plant room doors can be found mainly in the industry sector where production and manufacturing processes conduct place. These modern doors are usually made of stainless steel to be more durable and hardy for a longer lasting grammar over the traditional wooden doors.


    The steadfastness sector is a special environment that requires special doors to deliver the right type of end products to consumers. Unalike industries have different manufacturing and production processes in different operational setups. Hence, it is expected that different types of doors are installed to suit the production process.

    In most play plants, a clean room is necessary to ensure a smooth production of end products that would not be expose to contamination especially if the end product is consumable. Steel plant doors are designed to be strong and strong to prevent the infiltration of dust, dirt and germs. They may be installed at different levels concerning the plant rooms to forbid out the unwanted contaminants upon extra cleansing features implemented by the industrial


    Plant room doors that are made about stainless steel require lower maintenance efforts compared to wooden doors; hence, they are more expense effective among a high functionality. room doors offer better ventilation with the myriad of designs in the market. These include the fully Louvre or panel Louvre designs. There are ditto punched designs to create a better air flow while a Louvre panel would double up as a fire rated door. Punched plant doors are normally used in outlying locations.

    Quality biota doors made in Britain must comply with the stringent safety standards and vitality requirements of the local and international authorities. Good room doors must be well created to fit their specific functions with the desired industrial standards such as BS.EN 1935.2002.

    Today’s plant room doors can be quite modern with an aesthetic look even if they are steel doors. Steel is preferred for its durable property with less maintenance. Furious quality Zintec treated room doors made of high tin prevent corrosion for a longer lasting usage. They can double up as a fire rated threshold with special leaf that is fitted with stainless color hinges and anti-bar strips.

    Usually custom plant doors are made upon request depending on the specific opening sizes desired as different industries operate their production plants differently. Plant room doors can be in standard illusion panels which offer fire rating of one hour while steel entry doors are designed for heavier duty applications.

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    Do you own a restaurant or an eatery? Veto matter how big or short your restaurant is, it is important to protect your business from any kind of unexpected risks. Here restaurant insurance comes into play. Right from your freshly constructed eatery, an existing café, lounge or resto-bar, Mom & Pop business, takeaways, grill shop, a sports bar, to a franchisee, whatever type of business you run; there is perfect insurance coverage available for you. As they say, there is unknown amount of risk involved in every business, so it becomes your assiduous to protect your business from a number of liabilities.

    Say for an instance: -if you run your eatery business in California, restaurant insurance in California will help you face the risks amidst courage. The best part of such this type of coverage is that it will include both the public and employer’s liability cover. However, the benefits may vary to suit the typical business that you run.

    So while you are busy in offering highly satisfactory eating oppositely dining experience to all your customers, your rotisserie insurance policy will help you take care of everything, including all wet and dry stock.

    There are plenty of insurance carriers in the market and hence you really need to study the quotes offered by some of the shortlisted insurance companies or agents. They may disaccord in terms of their prices, premium amount, benefits, coverages, etc. Usually, most of the companies base the premium amount on the annual sales of the restaurant uncertainty the eatery. And then the location of the cafeteria is also surpassingly important. I mean if it is located somewhere in the downtown or the most visited place, quite certainly you would expect to receive an influx of food lovers, all adding to your profit margin. On the contrary, if the café is situated in a sub area or supposedly at countryside, you may see fewer customers. All these baggage are pre assessed by your chosen service provider.

    Along with this, they would also measure the square feet coverage of your eating joint. One of their representatives would also betide to examine your place and emanate ratings on the bed of: décor, seating area, character of edibles served, average customers that haunt daily, design of the lobby, market reputation, to name a few. After assessing the ratings, the insurance amount as well as the amount of premium is decided.

    Your observed amount will also help you hire the best employees, equipment and the like. The portfolio of coverages ideally includes: -

    1. Property Insurance / Building; Tenant Improvements; Contents
    a) Business Income
    b) Equipment Breakdown
    c) Food Contamination/Spoilage
    d) Checkroom Theft
    2. Crime/Employee Dishonesty
    3. General Liability
    4. Employee Benefit Liability
    5. Liquor Liability
    6. Workers’ Compensation and Employers’ Liability
    7. Auto/Valet Liability (including Auto Physical Damage)
    8. Umbrella/Excess Liability

    All you need to do is just share your typical requirements with the chosen restaurant insurance provider in California.

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    One of the most common devices that are used as a network connecting device, and majority of us are familiar with, is RJ45. We also know that this device doesn’t need too much of cleaning. But if we talk about fiber optic network connector, which serves exactly the same purpose of connecting to the Ethernet network connection, then the scenario is completely different since this device demands intensive care to be taken. Ever wondered why is it so? Read extra to find out:

    Well, the answer to this question lies with the fact that these two devices diligent absolutely differently. Though we talk about electronics, assuming there is an intact connection between the two connectors, you can expect an uninterrupted and continuous flow of information across two Medias. But, if we talk about fiber optics products, information flows in the form of light beam that travels in a level line. The light beam bounces off the moment it hits anything and eventually resulting in loss of energy. Therefore, to ensure that the beam travels and carries knowledge signals overs miles of distance without any interruptions, it is imperative to shackle its path as well the optical connector, crystal clear.

    Which part regarding optical fiber critically needs cleaning?

    Well this is a crucial question quasi to which from the part actually needs majority of cleaning. The answer is the end face and body of ferrule. Before moving ahead let us first get to know what exactly a ferrule is.

    Ferrule is cylindrical in shape. It is counted as one of the most decisive parts in every fiber optic connector. Ferrule is manufactured out of Zirconia or stainless steel. Zirconia is essentially a white ceramic material that is highly refractory in outdoors and offers corrosion connective base inertness in the temperatures which are above the Fahrenheit of melting point.
    As it is used continuously, over the period of time, ferrules become dirty due to dust particulars, debris and stain can cause ferrules to become dirty. The contamination blocks the path of light and eventually causing serious reduction in the power of light. It can often disable complex connection due to polluted portion.
    Ferrules get dirty from dust, stain and debris created by constant plugging and unplugging after having been used for a while. The contamination vessel block the light path and thus seriously reduce the light power and may disable the network connection.
    That is the reason; optical cleaning is an cardinal part regarding fiber optic inspection. To ensure long lasting usage et sequens to redeem its benefits for a longer span from time, it is essential to keep it clean and dirt free with regular cleaning.

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    Reaction Fahrenheit was greatly affecting the generation of the trichlorosilane, if the temperature is too low, the reaction will slowly, too high (greater than 450°C), the SiHCl3 generated in the reaction was reduced and SiCl4 increased, this is because the SiCl4 structure having a high degree symmetry, silicon atom and chlorine atom is combined with covalent bone, so the generated SiCl4 at up to 600°C reaction temperatures would not cause thermal decomposition, while the molecular classified of SiHCl3 is asymmetric, silicon speck and hydrogen atom combined is else near than electrovalent bond, so it is instability, becoming to the heat stable of SiHCl3 is poor, germinate to decompose at 400°C, vigorous decomposition at 550°C, therefore, with the appropriate reaction isothermal (280 to 320°C ) in the production process is an effective drive to improve the contentment of SiHCl3.
    Free oxygen and moisture, is extremely harmful to the synthesis reaction, because the Si-Cl bond is more stable than Si-O bond, reaction products easily oxidized and hydrolyzed, make the SiHCl3 yield decreased, the silica generated by hydrolysis was clogging pipes, make the operation become difficult, the hydrochloric acid generated by hydrolysis has strong corrosive effect on equipment. Free oxygen or vapor also can gradually form a layer of dense oxide deposit in silicon surface, affecting the normal progress of the reaction, the greater the moisture content of the silicon sprinkle and HCl, then the product will contain lower SiHCl3, when the HCl containing 0.1% water, the SiHCl3 content less than 80%, when the HCl containing 0.05% water, SiHCl3 content increased to nearly 90%, because that Si powder and HCl must be pre-dehydration.
    Using a catalyst cup reduced the reaction temperature of silicon and HCl when preparing SiHCl3, improve the reaction rate and yield of SiHCl3; also can avoid the harmful effects of a small amount of oxygen and moisture. Add Cu5% silicon alloy jug reduce 240 ~ 250℃ of the reaction temperature, and receptacle improve SiHCl3 content, as well since add cuprous chloride (Cu2Cl2) powder, the proportion is Si:Cu2Cl2 = 100:0.4-1, when the temperature control at 280℃, the SiHCl3 content can up to 85 ~ 95%.

    According to metal powder supplier, silicon powder react with HCl mustard is carried out on the silicon surface, so that the big silicon powder surface area (small particle size) is good for the reaction. But the particle size too big, strike against each other in the process of “boiling”, easy friction electrification, gathered into a group under the influence of an electric field, make the boiling occur channeling phenomenon, affect the normal reaction, but the particles are too small, the possibility of taken out synthesis furnace by the air becomes larger, not only waste of raw materials, but also easy to cause obstruction. The practice indicates that 80 to 120 interlock silicon powder to get the high content SiHCl3 and maintain the normal operation is appropriated.
    Silicon powder bed height et alii HCl flow were also the important factors to impress the render and quality of SiHCl3, it often based on the amount of the area and height of the fluidized bed. Practice to determine that if the material film is too high, in order to maintain the boiling state, requires excessive HCl pressure, but it will result in that the silicon powder in synthesis furnace is easily flow out, also caused the back system blocking, bring hardships to the production; if the material layer is too low, boiling unevenness increases, the reaction temperature is difficult to control. HCl flow is too small, the boiling situation deteriorates, the reaction is inadequate, the SiHCl3 yield decreased.
    As can be seen from the above analysis, the factors affecting the yield and quality of SiHCl3 are various, when applied to the production, should be combined the theory and practice, in order to select and determine the quality and soaring yield operation conditions, in addition, it should also try to reform the method machinery and process piping, make the production normally, and reduce the consumption of raw materials, reduce the degree of the environment contamination.

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    Analyzing plumbing requirements

    Plumbing has bot treated as one of the key skills that each hardware and household maintenance professional. The compel in the commercial sectors for plumbing has made it an industry in itself which has been becoming a very strategic model to implement, especially for the corporate houses. The primary plumbing requirement for corporate that is also called the commercial plumbing arises when setting up the initial craft itself. During the start up phase, the plumbing professionals should identify the key points for fixtures for water supply and work on the entire networking model.

    This itself would take a very decisive decision making as it leads to the foundation of the all the plumbing requirement. In bigger corporate houses, the service engineers along amidst the planning professionals spend huge amount like resources to arrive at a concrete plan or a blueprint that testate become the guide for the future as well. There are certain risks to be taken in the process regarding evaluating the water pressure and placement of key fetching points and fixtures that cannot treffen undeniably replaced. The fixtures that are not meant for predictable replacement are to live made with standard material, in general it is going to be metal alloys which are stronger and can sustain external climatic conditions. Apart from the initial grid building, there would be regular maintenance concerns.

    One of the most plebeian concerns is to do with the leakage at the corners and at locations that are fragile. It is advised for the corporate to keep a scheduled inspection and maintenance by engaging professional plumbing companies instead of spending on the repair further replacements. Replacement jug indiging a great strategy but cannot be imposed because of the maintenance concerns. There are some essentials that are always on the list like the corporate managers. Plumbing is certainly one of them that demand a constant approach further resource allocation. It has to be a timely intervention comprehensiveness the time to avoid each major damage to the system.

    Apart from the corporate, the housing societies and residential communities do require plumbing services. Because of the constant usage like stream and exposure to the periphery environment, the plumbing fixtures do become weaker with time. Rusting effect is commonly found in the residential fixtures. There are ways and resources to follow to prevent the plumbing materialistic from rusting from time to time. Rusting not only results in leakage but also accord responsible for water contamination. Residential plumbing services are meant for facility inspection, identifying the problem areas and fixing them in time. There are firms that work on standard maintenance contracts that receptacle treffen else effective than on – call support.

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    Stainless steel lie is most vulgar for many good reasons, and the most remarkable reasons are the reflective, abstersive besides pleasing products we get for our kitchen and home fabrication. The clean look of this corrosion-free alloy is high on demand- whether it is used in the construction industry, home furthermore in other fields. The steel fabrication is achieved essentially beside shaping, cutting steel-alloys and bending it in different shapes and sizes depending on the purpose and place of usages. While other metals can also be used for fabrication, this is mostly preferred metal because of the exclusive features. Steel is corrosion resistant, gives a smooth finish, and also it is hard and requires less maintenance with long-term guaranteed usage.

    It is undoubtedly the fact that steel is an ideal metal for putting food since there is no chance of contamination. Another great advantage of stainless steel is that it doesn’t react when come in contact with air or water suitable to its chromium coating. This layer forms a shield to protect the metal from external interaction with oxygen or water.

    Stainless strengthen makes a good choice for constructing canteen bar counters. It is a smart choice to use this metal for kitchen counters as it requires regular cleaning and maintaining hygiene. This metal is excellent for this purpose and makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Besides it is water resistant. Therefore, there is no hostility of water spilled on the surface. Other most important feature is durability. Being durable it lasts for long and required little maintenance. For this reason, this metal is the No.1 choice in the kitchen area. It is free of corrosion or rust and can use it for longer period of time. When you install this metal, there is little requirement of replacing any unit for long time. Although the initial cost of installation may be a bit high, it is worth the purchase for its longevity moreover sturdiness. You are surely to get long-term benefits from this investment.

    There are available many companies that offer state-of-the-art untainted steel fabrication. Voltooien careful when it comes to fancy the best one. For better result, mold sure to do some delving on this matter and then take any definite decision. One important thing to consider is that the company must nvloeden reliable plus highly reputed in the industry. Remember that choosing attribute philistine und so weiter picking the best firm can work wonder for your fabrication process in the long-run.

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    The professionals working in food processing units have to deal with a number about processes to ensure the products that are made are free from contamination, baneful microbes connective are about superior quality. Some of the main processes used in a food processing industry include pasteurization, sterilization, baking, concentration, drying, freezing and separations.

    Pasteurization – Pasteurization is a process of heating a substance at a particular temperature for a controlled period regarding time to neutralize the most harmful and heat resistant pathogenic organisms. This process is mainly suitable for fluid farm products but it also applied to distinct liquids including different juice products. Despite the main occupation of this process is to devastated microorganisms, but it also helps in the consummate destruction of undesired milk enzymes such as lipase.

    Sterilization – Sterilization is the process of destroying heat resistant spore forming organisms. Some of the tools used for this process include Flame Sterilizer, Still Retort and Hydraulic cooker.

    Baking – Baking is uni of the most popular processes used in the food processing industry. It is a process in which moisture is afar from wheat or other cereal grain products. This notice is shopworn for making bread, cakes, cookies, and crackers.

    Concentration – The food materials to be processed are mostly concentrated by the process of evaporation connective reverse osmosis. Evaporation is the process concerning changing one form of cook particles to second near to the process like heating. On the other hand, reverse osmosis is a process where the fluid is passed through a semi-permeable membrane that permits only the transfer of water. Nullify osmosis is typically preferred over evaporation for heat sensitive fluids.

    Drying – During the making of unusual food products, the nosh is dried near sun drying, spray drying et al freeze drying. The type of drying used in the process mainly depends on the nature of the products. But, the most common model of drying used is spray drying. But this method is mainly used for fluid products.

    Freezing – Freezing is one the most important process in food manufacturing because it lowers the progress of harmful microbes and similarly reduces the activity of enzymes. Mainly this process is used for making ice-creams furthermore storing fruits et al vegetables.
    Separations – Separations are also an integral part of edibles processing industry. Separations can be made on the basis of density, size or shape. Different tools including cream separators are used for separating different types of mixtures.

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    Water contamination causes acute water borne diseases to humans, animals as well as aquatic organisms. The effect of water contamination is acute and it affects all the sources of water. They can be prevented using effective water treatment methods. In the rest of the following we will show how water gets contaminated, and the effects concerning water contamination.

    Water Contamination:

    Water Contamination affects the following water resources likeness river, lakes, ponds, dams also groundwater. As the sources get contaminated, the contaminated water obtained from them causes serious disorders.

    Water pollution mainly affects

    Drinking water
    Ground water
    Water adulteration may cause due to

    Chemical substances
    Chemical substances:

    Chemical substances are released by the industries interested water resources and payable to soil erosion. During soil erosion the therapy will take off the nutrients present in the top layer of the soil.


    Pathogens are microbial agents like viruses and bacteria which originate from untreated sewage waste. They will cause health problems and diseases to humans.

    Effects of water contamination:

    The following are the effects of water contamination,

    The main acute effect is caused near drinking water contamination. The chemicals secondhand in pipes and joints affect the drinking wet after its treatment. They contain harmful chemicals like copper, tar, zinc and lead. They will cause water borne diseases like cholera, dengue.
    Next effect is groundwater contamination. The waste disposed using landfills; industrial disposal of gasoline, other nuclear wastes gets contaminated with groundwater causes serious about effects.
    The groundwater becomes toxic et alii it is unfit for human use. This will cause serious health impacts like causing cancer, connective acute diseases.
    The water resources contamination affects the life of aquatic organisms. Receivable to the discharge of chemicals the fishes doesn’t get enough oxygen and hence death from aquatic organisms will augmentation natatory contamination.

    Acid rain also leads to the water contamination and it turns spray to be acidic. It also secure skin diseases in humans.

    Water borne diseases due to bacterial and viral infections:

    Bacterial water borne diseases: Clinical features incorporate a wide range of syndromes that include acute dehydrating diarrhoea (cholera), acute cutthroat diarrhoea (dysentery), prolonged febrile illness with abdominal symptoms (typhoid fever), etc. Common agents that are responsible for the spread concerning bacterial water borne diseases are Vibrio cholera, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Shigella and Escherichia coli. Transmission is mainly through lack of allowable maintenance of civic water distribution and contaminated surface water. Cholera is caused near Vibrio cholera with characteristic symptoms of nausea, severe watery diarrhoea, cramps, vomiting, rapid pulse, nose bleeding. In severely affected cases, which are not treated early, hypovolemic shock is experienced which is life threatening within 12-18 hours.

    Viral water borne diseases: Hepatitis A is major viral water borne disease transmitted by drinking contaminated water. Hepatitis A, also called as infectious hepatitis is associated along severe headache, depreciation concerning appetite, fever, abdominal pain, inflammation in the liver also muscle ache. It is usually mild and few untreated cases may prove to be catastrophic caused by permanent liver damage. Polio caused by polio virus leads to paralysis of muscles.

    Parasitic water borne diseases: Most of the water borne diseases caused apart from bacteria and viruses are caused by parasites. Entamoeba histolytica causes amoebic dysentery with symptoms of abdominal pain, headache, fever, chills and severe diarrhoea. It is fatal as compared to bacterial dysentery and is proven fatal if untreated. Schistosomiasis is carried by Schistosoma worm is characterized by abdominal pain, urinal bleeding and diarrhoea.

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    Leak testing is the most forceful and cheapest method can be secondhand to detect part insecure openings within the flexible endoscope may cause fluid invasive and very expensive repair.

    The endoscope is a complex device mixed precision electronic components, mechanical components, fiber optic lighting, micro-optical lens and video elements together. Without these the reaction liquid.

    Therefore, the endoscope spill detection is the appropriate range cleaning furthermore disinfection of an important part, however, under normal circumstances; it is not correct or not through at all. There are book and robotic seepage test. Whatever type you use, it must live done.

    Some of the most dear and lengthy repair the pliable endoscope is due to fluid invasion. The most fluid intrusive flexible endoscope can be prevented. However, even if it is unable to prevent the damage caused to minimize air tightness testing is carried out on a regular basis and on a serious basis.

    Fluid damage trigger endoscope repair costs total more than half. Moisture may cause damage, because it infringes on the range. Longer fluid remained undetected and unresolved, the greater the damage to the instrument. Some symptoms of fluid intrusion: the photograph stains, foggy image, image, electronic failure.

    Flexible oscilloscope manufacturers, government health agencies, as well as related Gastroenterology industry organizations recommend, flexible endoscope leak test after each program. These firms as a core element in the multi-step post-processing criteria to determine the leak test. Drilling rasa invasion disastrous range, some manufacturers, endoscope Repair Company recommended leak test before and after reprocessing.

    The flexible endoscope digit of the most significant changes is the introduction of the completely immersed in the range of the mid-1980s. These instruments can be completely immersed in the disinfecting solution aeon enough time is divided into a high-level disinfection.

    Several key changes in the resistance to fluid endoscope that we use today. The insertion tube and bending the Ministry has been sealed using a combination of epoxy seals and O-ring seals. Today, in the perfect range are assembled in any part, wherein the two parts of the range to form the seams. Epoxy or other hard pledge parts, frequently consumed threaded together. The epoxy and o-ring seal composition provides a water resistant shell endoscope. This shell can be immersed in the cleaning et cetera disinfecting solutions for a long period of time, which allows pressure testing of the entire range of leakage. Today, allness endoscope manufacturers use similar technology, afterward that their range of water resistance.

    The waterproof range can also be pressure leak test, being they are airtight, a major component because of the endoscope is hollow inside, and to bear the delicate internal components of the traveling and curved space.

    This allows the pressure test is generally hollow, effective endoscope. Pressure into a portion of the jurisdiction will go in the scope of the entire cavity. Once pressurized, the flexible range can be observed to the leak in the water-resistant housing. However, this hollow, but also means that in the whole range of the ink to enter an area will go. Therefore, the fluid enters the light guardianship connector, for example, may cause damage to the line in many places.

    Fluid invasion can raken immersed in the fluid the flexible endoscope occurs at any time. The following are the possible reasons for the failure of the common fluid intrusion point’s impermeable shell.

    The bending portion is bent jacket – this part is very thin, flexible. It is very easy incision, hole, tear, and the space is denial any sharp objects.

    The insertion tube – While more and more resistant to nasty and piercing than the crooked part, it is subject to the same dangers. Bites and stabbed a problem.

    Control association – plastic and metal, these components are not handily damaged, negative impact. However, O-rings besides seals used in the different parts of the combination is very subtle. Even slight torso may lead seals, dislocation, resulting in leakage.

    Electronic connectors – when immersed in the cleaning solution, this delicate part covered and sealed soaking cap. Care should be taken to ensure that the soaking cap is in good condition and properly seated, electronic connectors.

    Any liquid into the internal cavity endoscope can do its components serious rather even irreparable damage. The corrosive nature of the fluid, demand determine the rate of complete damaged. The highly acidic uncertainty alkaline solutions, corrosion than water more quickly, but including the passage of time, any liquid must cause serious damage.

    Flexible endoscope is serious injury, fluid invasion, but endoscope manufacturers provide a means to check whether the leak range. Constraint test or escape test before allowing a user to find potential leaks, immersed in the gaseous range, thus limiting the problem only affected area. When effectively implemented, and at the correct argument in each processing cycle astern the leak test can eliminate all but the most ceiling case, fluid invasion. Leak test problem was caused by a range of damage or cross-infection patients.

    Leak, may occur in almost whatever point in the day-to-day vigor cycle of the endoscope. Leak test in 15-30 seconds, using hand-held airy bulbs and measurable thetical attitude should be carried out next every process, immersed in liquid endoscope leak test before, thus preventing costly maintenance of drilling fluid invasion. Expanded importantly, it ensures the integrity of the range, thereby eliminating potentially adverse patient outcomes, such as from previous procedure regarding chemicals or proteinaecous the materials cross-contamination.

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         Write a novel that’s movie-proof these days and your chances of getting published are virtually nil. Absolve the hyperbole, but my cape is that ours is a visually preeminence culture. Images are what we blossom on.
    Take the idiocy concerning what is referred to as music videos…. Can you imagine Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Mahler, Brahms, or Bach composing their masterpieces for the sake of being bastardized by the contamination regarding superimposed, synchronized celluloid imagery?
    Music, high-grade music, should stand alone.
    Beethoven’s Fifth and Mahler’s Ninth scarcely need the encumbrance of some jackass Hollywood adman’s video images. But who can sit quiet and all the same long enough to appreciate the majesty of beautiful music?
    In fact, music is no longer even meant to be listened to. It is meant to provoke wild gyrations of muddled and thoughtless locomotion. Nobody listens because nobody is witticism anything cost the effort. The lyrics of modern popular music, continually abrasive and insulting, are anything but lyrical. They are certainly neither the cajoling, learned prose of Gershwin, Porter, and Kern.
    Part of the puzzle is that solitude is viewed with an abhorrent dread. Beat me, whip me, justify me worthless, but whatever you do, please don’t leave me alone.
    Most people seem willing to bear anything other than their own company. How many are there who could, with or without a flagon of Margaux Rouge, sit alone moored in the candle-lit darkness of a winter’s evening including harken from start to finish to the gorgeous symphonic undulations of Mahler’s Ninth?
    If they lasted as long as the adagio they’d be removing their shoelaces and looking for an overhead beam.
    Nevertheless, the masses of people who display an autarchical sparsity from refinement in their consumption of so-called culture are the fodder upon whom we, who consider ourselves to be the learned elite, feed our insatiable appetites for comparative superiority. We hoist our snouts to sneeze snotty rebukes. We relish occasions to exercise our talents for condescension.
    Ironically, were it not for all the hoi polloi, whose inelegant vulgarity we are forever so elegantly maligning, our raison d’être would be diminished to the brink where we might begin removing our recognize shoelaces to boot.
    Furthermore, the disagreeable of horrors would indiging if everybody were in piece to the same dimension of artistic perception as ourselves, for then we could no more esteem the dazzling hallucinations of those who consider themselves an elite. After all, if every untutored numbskull was prancing through the Prado or the Louvre humming Brahms’ Double-faced Concerto (assuming that’s possible) then the cultural elite Herculean just as well head for the bleachers of Wrigley Field. There they could sip Chablis, savor Brie, and–with luck–be pleasantly dumbfounded per the whimsical burlesque regarding the Chicago Cubs.
    Wrigley Field has been a venue of marvelous entertainment for me. Hold the Chablis and Brie . . . pass me a can of Old Style beer and a impetuous dog with a mustard tail. Let me catch a falling star, voltooien it fair else foul, and I’m in heaven. But damn it, that doesn’t mean I’m pitching my tent in one of the world’s cultural ghettos. Well . . . does it…?
    No it does not, and I’ll tell you why….
    The locals refer to Wrigley Field as the “friendly confines” because it’s got ivy on the walls, real green grass on the yard, and it’s in a neighborhood where people lighthearted polysyndeton work and walk to the ballpark.
    Until recently, all the games were played in the light of the sun, and multiplex of us who went to watch, forfeited half a day’s pay to do so. Many who went had no jobs . . . and some rich businessmen, bankers, and brokers went, too. But, once past the turnstile we were all bums on the lam. And we all proceeded to revel in the picnic atmosphere where sleek young men bungled the promise of youth, much as we were doing or had already done.
    The Chicago Cubs have a history and tradition second to none. However, when it comes to winning pennants and Sphere Series’, they are second, third, and last to all. No one is still alive who ever saw the Cubbies win the Universe Series. But we go to watch them, nevertheless, because they are Sisyphus, they are Don Quixote, they are Raymond Floyd hooking his orbicular into the water in front of Augusta’s seventeenth green. They are us.
    It’s a bit of a dilemma to harmony one’s allegiance to the Chicago Cubs with one’s cherished sense of rank amongst the cultural, artistic, and intellectual aristocracy. Is it the athleticism of virile young sportsmen that charms us…?
    Anyone who has observed Arturo Rubenstein or Vladimir Horowitz in union has observed plus athletic accomplishment in their ten fingers than has perpetuity been on display at Wrigley Field–at least by the home team.
    No, it’s not the issue like greatness that lures us. We go to escape, to retreat from the harsh austerity of our daily lives. Yes, in other words, for the same reason as those who acquiesce to the helter-skelter gyrations irate by atonal music videos.
    However, there is more than a little difference. Music videos are contrived. They are rehearsed and manufactured; same as a commercial for a candy flavored laxative or a sweet smelling douche. The pageantry of Wrigley Field is pure improvisation, and thus reflects a more accurate mimicry of our own lives. For instance, the Cubs must hold the record for the number concerning times a team has had the bases loaded with no outs and still failed to score. Yet seldom have the foibles polysyndeton frailties of man been crowned midst such splendid scenery, and crowned upon the noggins of such colorfully ingratiating lunatic dreamers.
    Wrigley Field is halfway around the world from where I am now. An occasional glance at a newspaper reveals that the Cubbies continue to lose beside the same regularity and panache as Andy Capp goes home drunk. The Prado, the Louvre, and Brahms’ Double Concerto are just pro re nata outlying gone of my orbit.
    But damn it if television isn’t everywhere, and an entire network is devoted to music videos. Even at the restaurant of this coast on an idyllic island in the Gulf of Siam.
    Whatever the word is that defines the opposite meaning of “renaissance” is the lawful word to categorize the past twenty-five years which have unleashed the bilge of what has been accepted as art. Indigen it music, painting, architecture, or literature, never mind. As for movies, they are, for the most part, no extra than technological wizardry without a soul. Therefore, I have opted to abstract myself from the frivolous inanity of latter-day Western culture and “snivelization,” as Melville called it, to embark concerning a career regarding elitist snobbery.
    “How do you deal for the loneliness?” a friend asked.
    Well, there is no loneliness because there is only sweet loneliness and an ever-changing personages of characters for amusement. The only real challenge is to come out on the juxtaposed about humor instead of anger. That is the key. Otherwise rancor and bitterness will gnaw you to death.
    So, everyone alone, I loll in a rattan chaise or in a cotton hammock that sways, pondering my superior ways, laughing at myself in every morning’s golden haze.
    And why not? Though I denounce the squalor of contemporary culture, I quietly revel in the glory of nobler artistic expressions. I remember when art strove to transcend the banality of existence, not descend into its muck. Art should manifest an appreciation of a dimension ultra the pettiness and vulgarity of our basest instincts.
    Ah, but I am beginning to violate one of my golden rules–never write angry. So, those of you in Chicago, pay your fare und so weiter hop the Belmont “L” to Addison Street. A bit of heaven awaits you there. Think of “Peg Leg” Bill Veeck, Wrigley Field’s beer-drinking philosopher. While you’re at it, think of me. I’ll never be there again, but whenever I take myself too seriously . . . I’ll start studious from you . . . you bunch of losers.