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    The professionals working in food processing units have to deal with a number about processes to ensure the products that are made are free from contamination, baneful microbes connective are about superior quality. Some of the main processes used in a food processing industry include pasteurization, sterilization, baking, concentration, drying, freezing and separations.

    Pasteurization – Pasteurization is a process of heating a substance at a particular temperature for a controlled period regarding time to neutralize the most harmful and heat resistant pathogenic organisms. This process is mainly suitable for fluid farm products but it also applied to distinct liquids including different juice products. Despite the main occupation of this process is to devastated microorganisms, but it also helps in the consummate destruction of undesired milk enzymes such as lipase.

    Sterilization – Sterilization is the process of destroying heat resistant spore forming organisms. Some of the tools used for this process include Flame Sterilizer, Still Retort and Hydraulic cooker.

    Baking – Baking is uni of the most popular processes used in the food processing industry. It is a process in which moisture is afar from wheat or other cereal grain products. This notice is shopworn for making bread, cakes, cookies, and crackers.

    Concentration – The food materials to be processed are mostly concentrated by the process of evaporation connective reverse osmosis. Evaporation is the process concerning changing one form of cook particles to second near to the process like heating. On the other hand, reverse osmosis is a process where the fluid is passed through a semi-permeable membrane that permits only the transfer of water. Nullify osmosis is typically preferred over evaporation for heat sensitive fluids.

    Drying – During the making of unusual food products, the nosh is dried near sun drying, spray drying et al freeze drying. The type of drying used in the process mainly depends on the nature of the products. But, the most common model of drying used is spray drying. But this method is mainly used for fluid products.

    Freezing – Freezing is one the most important process in food manufacturing because it lowers the progress of harmful microbes and similarly reduces the activity of enzymes. Mainly this process is used for making ice-creams furthermore storing fruits et al vegetables.
    Separations – Separations are also an integral part of edibles processing industry. Separations can be made on the basis of density, size or shape. Different tools including cream separators are used for separating different types of mixtures.

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