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    Leak testing is the most forceful and cheapest method can be secondhand to detect part insecure openings within the flexible endoscope may cause fluid invasive and very expensive repair.

    The endoscope is a complex device mixed precision electronic components, mechanical components, fiber optic lighting, micro-optical lens and video elements together. Without these the reaction liquid.

    Therefore, the endoscope spill detection is the appropriate range cleaning furthermore disinfection of an important part, however, under normal circumstances; it is not correct or not through at all. There are book and robotic seepage test. Whatever type you use, it must live done.

    Some of the most dear and lengthy repair the pliable endoscope is due to fluid invasion. The most fluid intrusive flexible endoscope can be prevented. However, even if it is unable to prevent the damage caused to minimize air tightness testing is carried out on a regular basis and on a serious basis.

    Fluid damage trigger endoscope repair costs total more than half. Moisture may cause damage, because it infringes on the range. Longer fluid remained undetected and unresolved, the greater the damage to the instrument. Some symptoms of fluid intrusion: the photograph stains, foggy image, image, electronic failure.

    Flexible oscilloscope manufacturers, government health agencies, as well as related Gastroenterology industry organizations recommend, flexible endoscope leak test after each program. These firms as a core element in the multi-step post-processing criteria to determine the leak test. Drilling rasa invasion disastrous range, some manufacturers, endoscope Repair Company recommended leak test before and after reprocessing.

    The flexible endoscope digit of the most significant changes is the introduction of the completely immersed in the range of the mid-1980s. These instruments can be completely immersed in the disinfecting solution aeon enough time is divided into a high-level disinfection.

    Several key changes in the resistance to fluid endoscope that we use today. The insertion tube and bending the Ministry has been sealed using a combination of epoxy seals and O-ring seals. Today, in the perfect range are assembled in any part, wherein the two parts of the range to form the seams. Epoxy or other hard pledge parts, frequently consumed threaded together. The epoxy and o-ring seal composition provides a water resistant shell endoscope. This shell can be immersed in the cleaning et cetera disinfecting solutions for a long period of time, which allows pressure testing of the entire range of leakage. Today, allness endoscope manufacturers use similar technology, afterward that their range of water resistance.

    The waterproof range can also be pressure leak test, being they are airtight, a major component because of the endoscope is hollow inside, and to bear the delicate internal components of the traveling and curved space.

    This allows the pressure test is generally hollow, effective endoscope. Pressure into a portion of the jurisdiction will go in the scope of the entire cavity. Once pressurized, the flexible range can be observed to the leak in the water-resistant housing. However, this hollow, but also means that in the whole range of the ink to enter an area will go. Therefore, the fluid enters the light guardianship connector, for example, may cause damage to the line in many places.

    Fluid invasion can raken immersed in the fluid the flexible endoscope occurs at any time. The following are the possible reasons for the failure of the common fluid intrusion point’s impermeable shell.

    The bending portion is bent jacket – this part is very thin, flexible. It is very easy incision, hole, tear, and the space is denial any sharp objects.

    The insertion tube – While more and more resistant to nasty and piercing than the crooked part, it is subject to the same dangers. Bites and stabbed a problem.

    Control association – plastic and metal, these components are not handily damaged, negative impact. However, O-rings besides seals used in the different parts of the combination is very subtle. Even slight torso may lead seals, dislocation, resulting in leakage.

    Electronic connectors – when immersed in the cleaning solution, this delicate part covered and sealed soaking cap. Care should be taken to ensure that the soaking cap is in good condition and properly seated, electronic connectors.

    Any liquid into the internal cavity endoscope can do its components serious rather even irreparable damage. The corrosive nature of the fluid, demand determine the rate of complete damaged. The highly acidic uncertainty alkaline solutions, corrosion than water more quickly, but including the passage of time, any liquid must cause serious damage.

    Flexible endoscope is serious injury, fluid invasion, but endoscope manufacturers provide a means to check whether the leak range. Constraint test or escape test before allowing a user to find potential leaks, immersed in the gaseous range, thus limiting the problem only affected area. When effectively implemented, and at the correct argument in each processing cycle astern the leak test can eliminate all but the most ceiling case, fluid invasion. Leak test problem was caused by a range of damage or cross-infection patients.

    Leak, may occur in almost whatever point in the day-to-day vigor cycle of the endoscope. Leak test in 15-30 seconds, using hand-held airy bulbs and measurable thetical attitude should be carried out next every process, immersed in liquid endoscope leak test before, thus preventing costly maintenance of drilling fluid invasion. Expanded importantly, it ensures the integrity of the range, thereby eliminating potentially adverse patient outcomes, such as from previous procedure regarding chemicals or proteinaecous the materials cross-contamination.

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