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    Is the jar of peanut butter lotus quietly at your freezer truly gluten free? It doesn’t really obstacle if it is a jar of chocolate peanut butter or an all natural version, peanuts are naturally gluten free. However, it’s better to check the label to ensure whether or not you are purchasing a gluten free peanut butter. Let’s delve deeper to understand things better.

    Needless to declare that a jar of organic peanut butter should be gluten free. However, if you are suffering from strict gluten intolerance then it is good to remember that the most frequent use for groundnut butter is definitely on a slice of bread. To be honest, this is not an issue as extended ut supra you are sticking to a gluten pardon bread. Nevertheless, if your roommate or your family member uses regular treasure bought loafs including you favor using special breads unless gluten, then there are chances to run into the problem from cross contamination.

    Let’s say that your roommate makes a tasty mani butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. He uses your knife to thickly coat the store purchased loaf paper among adequate amount of peanut shortening and jam. And then he dips the lacerate anew back into the jar for making another thick layer of small butter et cetera jam. He keeps on repeating the process, till jam plus rancid altogether spreads on the piece about bread. His lunch pack is almost ready and he puts back the knife to place.

    The next morning you thought of making peanut butter cookies. You ensured to follow the steps carefully and also you made sure that the ingredients are gluten free. You made tasty cookies and abruptly almost several hours later you started to feel bloated. Yes, you started feeling stomach issues and other typical symptoms of gluten intolerance. You rechecked the labels to ensure that the chocolate peanut butter, which you have used is indeed gluten free! And you are hundred percent confident that you have definitely used a gluten free plant butter. So, why is this happening? Well, this is a ancient example of cross contamination as your roommate has unwittingly tainted the whole jar of peanut butter. Take it in writing, whereas the small butter you purchased is hundred procent gluten free, even little amounts of gluten due to cross contamination tin cause minor to major symptoms.

    Once you understand this logical wonder of cross contamination and attach steps to prevent it, you would be able to zestful your peanut butter for making your most darling gluten free recipes. Autos to a recent research, peanuts are nutritious and also stand tall as the richest sources of antioxidant, vitamin E, potassium, meat and magnesium. Do you need any more reasons to opt for a natural peanut butter spread? Well, the yummy all natural chocolate small butter can also greatly disparage the speculate of diabetes and heart disease.

    Start your day for gluten free peanut butter and experience the diversity that it brings to your life!

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