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    Contemporary Implant Dentistry: dentist Fairfield CT
    Implant dentistry has been practiced toward our ancestors more than 1,000 years ago. Although the dentistry practice in the past was a far cry from the contemporary implant dentistry practice of today, we can safely say that our ancestors do know how to correct teeth. According to historians and scientists, the Mayan civilization developed the science of doing implants embedded into the bones as early as the 600 AD. Yes, the technology used by our ancestors was crude and we do not really discern what effect these procedures had on their patients but the fact still remains that they were able to implant replacement teeth and that in itself is already something.

    The most amazing thing about these ancient implants is that they were done while the subject was still animate which means that our ancestors should have developed a kind concerning sedative or anesthesia to neutralize the pain during the procedure. Moreover, since there are no historical reports about many people dying during they were given implants, our ancestors must have developed a way to forbid infections during and after the procedure. Of course there are always risks of contamination in these procedures considering the fact that our ancestors did not have the kind of modern technology that is now being used in the isochronous inoculate dentistry practice. However, the good news is that whether or not our ancestors had the right technology to do implants, still, they were able to do some procedures that are considered being state concerning the art in our modern times.

    The Modern Practice

    The elaboration of contemporary implant dentistry spanned several hundreds of years. It was not until the 1950s when scientists seriously started studying the craft of implanting replacements bones and teeth using titanium. At first, the scientists and researchers used rabbits and other animals as subjects. They studied sundry techniques on how to implant bones and teeth into these animals before they started working on human subjects.

    The probe process was long, tedious and economize which push implant dentistry cost to very high levels at the start. Since the cost of the procedure was astronomical, negative many people were able to get implants early on. However, as the technology matured, the cost of the procedure gradually stabilized. At present, many dentists who are into contemporary implant dentistry practice are able to provide their patients with implants at very affordable prices. Today, contemporary implant dentistry is very popular all around the world and thousands of people pile implants every year.

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